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Potentially looking at an 03 quad cab long bed Cummins with the 6speed

Discussion in '5.9L 3rd Gen Cummins' started by anotheridi, May 14, 2015.

  1. anotheridi

    anotheridi Full Access Member

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    Dec 21, 2014
    I have come across an 03 Quad cab with the 6speed for sale, I know the 03-04 had less problems than the later years, but the truck I am looking at has 250k on the clock but looks like it has 50k. The guy who is selling it is a well known guy who flips high mileage diesels all the time with a great reputation. THis particular truck has brand new tires on it with a brand new south bend clutch. Asking price is $14,000 is this reasonable? from a quick craigslist search this seems to be what they are going for, it is actually on the low end of the spectrum. Is there anything I should be looking at really hard on the truck, it comes with all the receipts from the recent work done on it. I am tired of fixing my 2 $3000 cars that I have and need to get back into a truck, I probably have over 5k in the past 2 years putting band aids on my two cars and would like something fun to drive, that will take a beating when I need it to, I don't mind working on cars/trucks but would rather work on something that is not a hooptie.

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