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No start after rebuild

Discussion in '5.9L 3rd Gen Cummins' started by IdahoHillbilly, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. IdahoHillbilly

    IdahoHillbilly Registered User

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    Oct 27, 2011
    Bonners Ferry, ID
    Hi guys. Pulling my hair out here and hoping you can help. Just rebuilt this 2003 - new crank, pistons, rings, bearings etc. All back together and reinstalled. I'm getting a crank no start. While cranking it will huff black smoke and very intermittently "fire" but not take off. I'm getting ~6000 psi FRP. Checked compression (although only on one cylinder to make sure my timing wasn't off) and it was about 420psi. CMP and CKP sensors both get the same RPM count while cranking on the scan tool. I've rechecked the valve adjustment and verified that all sensors and the ECM are plugged in properly. I've cranked on it waaaaay more than needed to clear any air from the fuel lines. If i hit it with a quick shot of ether (i know i know...) it will fire, burn it up and then go back to cranking. Every now and then if i crank it long enough I get a P0016 code but i see no change in either sensor on the scan tool when it sets.

    The only things that has seemed strange about this build is that the new crankshaft did not come with an indexing pin on the front for the harmonic balancer and tone ring. Not even a spot for one. I put the block at TDC and placed the balancer and tone ring at the proper orientation with the CKP sensor. Every picture I've found online indicates that I have this correct...

    When it does fire on ether, everything sounds great. It does not sound like it is detonating or having any issues there. Was running fine until it spun a rod bearing and seized.

    Any ideas?
  2. Chemgrad

    Chemgrad Full Access Member

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    Feb 25, 2011
    This maybe a completely stupid idea but is it possible that it is set at WOT or thinks it is and is pushing way too much fuel? Huffing black smoke but not firing sounds odd to me at least. I may be way off base as I'm far from an expert, just remember watching this YouTube video where the guy was having a similar issue and with him his mechanical pump was set at WOT. I apologize in advance if this isn't a possible scenario with yours.
  3. Skidtech

    Skidtech Full Access Member

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    May 27, 2018
    Check the 5v reference for your crank sensor. Possible that you pinched a wire and shorting out the 5v its real easy to do how the harness is run on those engines

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