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My $1500 F250HD 1992 XLT Supercab.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by My1500DollarTruck, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. My1500DollarTruck

    My1500DollarTruck Registered User

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    Sep 11, 2018
    Hello all..

    I've been using this sign for about a year to find all kinds of info on my truck, well thought it was time to actually register , and hopeful help someone else as much as this sight has helped me.

    So got a question for ya.. What do you get when you cross a tornado, mixed with 55 gallon oil drums and a parked 1992 F250HD ... Yep my $1500 dollar truck .

    A little history about this truck, it was purchased new by the original owner in 1992 , just down the road from me in Calhoun GA. It was what I call the "Boss Mans" truck. Never left Georgia , as in registration. I bought it through a friend of mine, that was also a friend of the original own. Originally the owner was asking $2500, I said no thanks, then he came back about a week later and said $1500. I figure what the hell, I can sell the engine/tranny and scrape metal for that if needed. So went and looked it over again, its ran and drove, not good, but drove . After test driving it, my friend showed me the invoice for a new tranny/torque converter put in by the dealer a little less than 40K miles ago . Hmm ok , he also showed me they just put in a new starter..OK .. But why is this truck so banged up , ripples in the fenders and pushed dents in the doors ? The answer , it was beat to hell by a tornado . All the damage ( except metal fatigue at the hood hinges)was caused by 55 gallon oil drums being slung against it , as well as tree branches and what ever else during a really bad tornado in the earlier 2000's just down the road from me. The insurance company wanted to total it, but the original owner didn't want to total it. So he got his money and replaced all the glass and planned on repairing all dents . Well all the glass got replaced , but that was about the last of it , and it sat, and sat, for about 12 years as I can figure.

    So this is were I come in, First I did a compression test on it . All 8 cylinders above 400PSI , well with in 80% of lowest to highest. Pull the drivers valve cover , no sludge, none clean . Ok . so he at least changed the oil , coolant no oil in it . Started looking over the wiring, all original uncut .. well till I got a hold of it :). Really didn't find any shade tree work done on it ... So I figured lets make it mechanically sound, then we'll do the body and paint. So that's were this site, and several others came to be very helpful , and I have to keep reminding my self its my $1500 Truck :)

    Work Done
    1)Brake system rotors/drums (trued) brake hoses, calipers, shoes & hardware, master cylinder. Booster pump adjusted.
    2) G3 upgrade
    3) Dura Lift fuel pump upgrade
    4) Jegs Vacuum pump conversion
    5) Reman injector pump/injectors/fuel return /valley pan
    6) new tank sending units with screen and pick tubes with pre fuel selector valve inline filters
    7) new fuel section valve and switch, all Ford OEM rubber lines replaced with 5/16 3/8
    8) both fuel tanks wired independent to their own gauges
    9) low pressure switch on AC, and recharge .
    10) Fast idle solenoid and cold start advance wired in manual controlled
    11) Tach sensor replaced
    12) FIPL replaced and adjusted
    13) all shocks
    14) Steering gearbox adjusted
    15) New style bed bolts
    16) To be installed, Aluminum Radiator, water pump, heater core, 6.4 coolant filter, 6.0 tranny cooler, electric fan conversion. Gauges.
    17) And most likely a lot more ..

    So basically I'm doing a total mechanical system replace update on this thing, one at a time. She may be ugly now, but I know where the good pick & Pull body parts are :). And when I get to asking myself why am I doing this .. I just go look at new 6.7L ,6.5L's invoice stickers.

    Thanks for all the info.

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  2. saburai

    saburai Full Access Member

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    Mar 15, 2016
    Bokeelia Florida/Catskill mountains NY
    Welcome! Looks like you've done a bunch of good work. This site is a great place to learn. Please post some pictures, and also, please tell me about the Jags vacuum pump conversion. Perhaps in a new thread over on the IDI section.
  3. 19nindee

    19nindee Registered User

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    Aug 20, 2018
    Millington Tennessee
  4. Shaggy

    Shaggy Administrator Staff Member

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    Mar 18, 2007
    Nice, but we need pics! ;)

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