kitty cat 232b d-v plate leak

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    Gentleman. Working on our shop skid steer today trying to narrow down a delivery valve leak and wanted to hear y’all thoughts. Since we got this machine it has had a bad leak from the top of the IP. Pressure washed it and looks like deliver valves for #1 and #2 are leaking. Easy fix, I pulled up the schematic for this pump and got the appropriate washers and o-rings. Resealed all four and the machine runs like a top now and leaks less but I’m seeing a leak from the delivery valve plates between two d-v. Looks like there is a brass washer in there that can be replaced? The plates are held in by pentagon bolt heads that I don’t have, but I can make a tool for it. Should I do this in the machine or pull the pump and rebuild it while I have it apart? This machine doesn’t get used a ton but it’s needed when it does...

    Here’s where it is leaking:
    8D8C93CE-7B11-41FC-B4E4-4F7F57F4AC67.jpeg C0B69B7F-7472-4788-8C54-AF91BD342FD1.jpeg

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