Key Actuator Question


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Nov 25, 2021
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Got a guy that brought in a 2006 6.0 to me and said the key isn’t working. After digging into the column I found the actual actuator was broken.

It’s a tilt column so it’s a 2 piece actuator, it’s the actuator piece actually in the column not the one that the key engages.

In the picture, it’s not the one that the writing is pointing towards. It’s the piece that that one connects to in the column, however, it will not come out and I cannot find a part number.

Worst case I have another column sitting on the shelf that’s about to get out in because the 2nd piece of this actuator will not come out plus I cannot find it and ford doesn’t offer any knowledge as well on the piece I’m talking about.

Anyone ever had to change that piece out? Once again not the actuator piece that the writing is pointing at, but the piece that the key actuator connects to, that goes down to the ignition actuator with the rod in it.


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