IH Loadstar 1700 diesel eng guidance.


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Apr 3, 2016
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Antwerp, NY
Greetings I have an 60s IH Loadstar project I hope to start this winter, I want to shorten frame, modernize drive train and replace the gas eng with a diesel. The end goal is to have a dependable daily driver/work truck and be able to drive to NM from NY about once a year. The truck will look old but the modern upgrades will be hidden or blend in. These are my current options for engines (all will need to be refreshed at a minimum). 1) Perkins 6cyl currently in a combine, 2) 7.3 IDI (N/A) in my F350 and a a 7.3 PS in the parts truck I took the ZF trans to replace the C6 in my current truck. All comments/suggestion are very welcome. Dependable is probably at the top of the list followed by MPG and power. The biggest load I pull is my 23 round bale hay wagon a few times a year the rest would be a car trailer. I am looking for possible upgrades for each of the engines I have now. Thank you for any help