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IH 466E troubles

Discussion in 'Everything Big Diesel Powered' started by Rx7man, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Rx7man

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    Oct 6, 2014
    Lillooet BC, Canada
    Been a while since I've been here...

    Working on a 5 ton truck with an IH 466E, 1999 model I think.. it's got issues

    Before it quit running entirely, it was down on power, and could barely make it up a 12% grade in first, empty... From what I hear that's most likely the high pressure pump taking a dive

    Then it quit completely in the yard, I did some troubleshooting, and found it's blowing the 5A ECU fuse, so I disconnected the ECU to see if the problem is in the wiring, and when disconnected id doesn't blow the fuse, so it's something about the ECU or related accessories. By this time I had run out of 5A fuses, and next to it was an 8A breaker, so I tossed that in, and that wouldn't trip, but it wouldn't fire the truck either.

    What do you think? ECU is dead?
    Is there any place I can get a wiring diagram, or at least the ECU pinout?

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