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IDI #3? Perhaps?

Discussion in '6.9L IH & 7.3L IDI Diesels' started by BrianX128, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. BrianX128

    BrianX128 Supporting Member Supporting Member

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    Dec 3, 2015
    I went to drive yet another IDI today. Out of my four trucks and old highschool car, 0 are automatic. My fiance can drive therefore, 0 of 5 vehicles if her suv ever would be down for a day and she somehow already has 60k miles on a 2017 hyndai cause of her work being an hour away for two years. Hank, one of my trucks in my sig is on the brink of not being "PA safety inspection safe" unless I get better at welding or using body filler to fill two quarter sized holes in my frame. Which is still structurally solid, but we won't get into that frustration.

    So, I went to look at another IDI today and am considering getting rid of hank after this winter (to part it or sell it whole tbd) and eventually my car as it has a some rust and 200k+ miles as well and getting something else the by then wife can drive if needed and replace a 4wd vehicle. It doesn't have to be an IDI, but I like working on things I know so I saw one on craigslist and took it for a ride.

    It seemed ok, 1986 F250 Extended Cab 4x4 C...6.... I puked a little there.

    I hate autos, I'm sorry in advance. After spending two days with dad on his old silverado only to have one wire not pushed the whole way in a connector and having the truck doing crazy stuff I vowed I'd never own one again or a new car, but something has to give I guess.

    It shifted bad. Not just cause I hate autos, it revved up to 2500 and slammed into the next gear for both shifts. I wish it would have done it a third time to have an extra gear because 3k to go 70 was brutally loud. The entire exhaust is just missing. Not rusted just gone. It downshifted totally normal, but it also didn't downshift into 2nd on its own until it was basically idling even with the brakes on. Same into first. Just seemed odd. It has 168k on it, probably stock injectors and pump from looking at it. No turbo. Interior was nice and the outside is good, rust free for PA and all solid sheet metal and still looks ok, it's red but not a "pretty" red. I didn't remember to take pictures, but I'm not sure if this is the one anyways. 3500 seemed like a lot and I'm more testing this idea this summer / fall seeing if "the one" jumps out, not doing anything stupid for what essentially is a backup vehicle for us.

    I guess I'm more curious than anything if that is C6 normality there or if something is up with it? I had a vacuum gauge with me by some magic and it had 25 at idle and almost went to 30 when revved up so the vacuum pump seemed good and I know that factors in something in C6 land.

    I know what an E4OD shifts like from dads truck if I ever stumble into one of those while browsing around, just looking for some education and probably reassurance that there's something else going on with this truck. I don't think the owner is going to negotiate too much either, when I've bought anything off of stuff I've seen online I always had a really good vibe when I met the owner, the one guy literally gave us a tour of the farm and gave us some steak to take home etc. This just was an awkward interaction. Doesn't feel right and that leads me to believe he knew I knew etc.
  2. Runningaford

    Runningaford Registered User

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    Aug 2, 2015
    .... Oil spray. do the whole under body, and frame; it stops rust. From what I remember of our C-6, sounds about right.
  3. snicklas

    snicklas 6.0 and Loving It!! Staff Member

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    Aug 7, 2006
    Greenfield, Indiana
    I have a C-6 in the 88. It doesn’t go to the highest gear quickly like a modern auto does. If I am putting through the neighborhood, it will rev to a bit on 2000 rpm before it shifts to second. If I’m on the main road, it’s closer to 2500 for a shift. Bit it will downshift like expected. It sounds like the VRV is out of adjustment. These are an old simple automatic transmission. But, the not downshifting doesn’t sound right.

    Another thing, the shifter could be out of adjustment. If mine isn’t in just the right spot, drive on the indicator is actually second.... maybe you had something like that happening....
  4. genscripter

    genscripter Full Access Member

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    Nov 22, 2014
    Inglewood, CA
    That's pretty typical for the C6 without an aux overdrive. When my OD broke recently, I had to drive with the standard C6 gears and it was loud and high R's. You can rotate the VRV a little to play with that.

    If you are looking for a family IDI vehicle, I recommend getting a clubwagon. Seats 8 (or 12 if you get the Ford Superwagon) and still plenty of room for hauling. Plus, as far as I can recall, I haven't ever seen a non-auto IDI van.

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