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How not to time a ISM accessory drive

Discussion in 'Everything Big Diesel Powered' started by Leeland, Jan 17, 2015.

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    Nov 14, 2011
    Started as #1 injector failed. Then Chit went side ways fast. Had to pull the curb side seat to remove the dog house, then had to remove the drivers seat to get the valve cover out. Saw the rocker box leaking, got the go ahead to re-seal. While dis-assembling found the harness pass through puking oil and had oil intrusion. Also got the go ahead on the injector harness and engine harness. (Note that a new ISM engine harness comes with a updated baro sensor and pigtail tapped up in the harness when looking for the old style connector.) Get it all cleaned up, rocker box and over head back in and try to run the over head. Put their own marks on the pulley, wasn't till it was off that I could read them, looked like wtf happened here marking till that point. Rolled it to A the injector adjuster would bottom out with I and E rockers loose, checked 6, both rockers weren't loose and if the injector was ran it didn't look right and would bind when barring over, locking the engine up. So I would back off the injector I saw actuating and it'd roll again. This when using the factory timing marks. Kinda a wtf is going on. Seeing the timing events all jacked and the marks on the pulley got me the go ahead to verify timing. So out came the ps pump, fuel pump, air compressor and accessory drive. Got it re-timed and finally got it to roll over fine, over head set.
    My access:
    The top side wasn't horrible, the engine harness, accessories was a beach. Don't have a pic of the crap.

    Pretty sure that is how the accessory drive got timed from some shop in Cali. Wrong X in the window. And this is me making this mistake too. Until I printed and read the step from the TM over again. X should be visible on the cam gear which is the other one in the pic.
    I really hope not to have to do another one of these again.
    All the stuff that came out
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