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    This is for information for @Thewespaul and @chillman88 as an "addendum" to the Body Bushings in the IDI section

    This is my recommendation for front end consumables for the 99+ Dana D-50 Monobeam (some will cross the the D-60/Super 60 axle's also) axle found under the Excursion and F-250 pickups (possibly some F-350 trucks).


    Bilstein - Not cheap, but well worth the money. This is the "oldest" of my consumables at ~50,00 miles and at least 4 years. Have them all the way around....

    Knuckle U-Joints:

    Where that are located, and everything that has to come off to get to them go with Spicer. They make them for the replacement market, not just OEM. Also, if you have a "driveline guy" utilize their services and smile when you pay him. My buddy has a "driveline guy". I disassembled everything in my buddies shop, popped the axle shafts out and threw them in the back of his Jeep. The driveline guy had the old joints out, new Spicers put back in an walking to the Jeep in less than 10 minutes....... almost took longer to drive over and back, but it was well worth it!!!!

    Seals, etc:

    Spicer - I found a link on eBay for everything in the knuckles

    It even came with the vacuum seals and O-Ring for the lockout and the unit hub. Also, there is a dust cover that goes on the stub shaft for the vacuum seal. These can get damaged, and they make a replacement seal that has the dust shield. The ones above do not...... I can get the National Seals part number..... (box is in the garage behind the truck....)

    Unit Hub:

    I used Timkin and have been happy with them. Don't go cheap, use Timkin or Motorcraft........ I know MOOG makes one, but with their current quality issues, not sure I would use them, unless I had to...

    Ball Joints:

    XRF - No question or other choice in my opinion. These trucks are heavy and cheap joints don't last. The originals were replaced with MOOG by the dealer at ~67,000 miles, and I got to maybe 150,000 before they started to creak and clunk. Replaced them with Advance cheapies and didn't get an oil change out of them........

    Steering Linkages:

    XRF - I've not purchased the kit yet, but I know that FICMRepair has a complete steering linkage kit...

    With the quality of the ball joints, this is going under there to keep them company.

    For things like sway bar end links. sway bar bracket bushings, steering stabilizer, I just used when AutoZone has in stock. Mine is a pavement princess, so I don't need exotic stuff.

    Brakes - I ordered Wagoner parts from Rock Auto.......

    At this point, I've replaced all the consumables on my 03, except for the steering linkage kit, and the destroyed lockout........

    I've been happy with everything, but I am 100% stock, even down to the tire size.......
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    Thanks for the info, I know what I’m getting my pops (the axles are going under his truck) for Christmas;Sweet
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    I bought an idler arm for my Chevy hoping to replace the loose MOOG one after 50,000mi. The Advance Auto one was WORSE THAN THE BAD MOOG ONE WITH 50,000MI! I was HOPING to get an oil change out of it. Instead I just took it back.

    EDIT: And yeah, @Thewespaul has been preaching about his bilstein shocks enough to convince me to save up for a set!
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    Nice thread Scott.
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