Floating Dana Lock-washer ???

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    As it pertains to so many makes/models, I didn't quite know where this question should go, so here it is:

    Concerning full-floating Dana 60 and 70 rear axles, folding-tab spindle-nut lock-washers.

    Just so we understand what I am asking about, this is the most common and by far the best system for adjusting/retaining the spindle/wheel bearings on Dana axles; and, before all this ridiculous nylock nut business, was the only method used.
    Here is an example:


    For years and years, I have used the 618-046 folding-tab lock-washer between the two nuts; depending on the source, the 618-046 will have an inner diameter of from 2.020 to 2.065; the O.D. of the spindle is 2"
    I used to pay less than a dollar for a 618-046.
    Here is an example of the 618-046:


    Lately, wherever I search for Dana lock-washers, I am pointed to these 30637 sets of ten, 50-cents apiece in many cases; and, in all cases they state that they fit the Dana 60/70 spindle:


    However, the 30637 specifies an inside diameter of 1.830; the spindle being 2", no way does this appear feasible.

    50-cents apiece seems a lot easier pill to swallow than the $5-plus apiece that I have been paying for the 618-046.

    No source I have yet seen will sell you a single 50-cent washer; they come in bags of ten for $5.

    I myself have seen, and probably considering how many Dana axles I have around here, both 60s and 70s, have a few in use, washers that have the same appearance and tab design of the 30637, but that advertised 1.830 I.D. confuses the issue.

    Has anyone had first hand experience using these 30637 washers?

    Is that 1.830 I.D a misrepresentation and will they somehow magically slide onto the Dana spindles ?

    Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.
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    Are they measuring inside of the keyway tab to come up with 1.830"?

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