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Deciding on new tires

Discussion in 'General, Performance, Upgrades & Accessories' started by Jimbanjer, Jan 8, 2020.

Which would you choose

  1. Ironman MT

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  2. Patriot MT

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  1. Jimbanjer

    Jimbanjer Full Access Member

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    Dec 13, 2018
    Fingerville, SC
    I’m getting ready to order a set of 6 315/75r16 mud tires for my lifted ‘85 F350 DRW. I’ve hade good luck with Federal Couragias,Dick Cepeck Extreme Country MTs, and Americus MTs on my past SRW trucks. Right now I’m considering either Patriot tires from Omni or Ironman tires. I’m wanting to go with a cheaper brand right now ($200 and under). I’ve heard nothing but good about the iron mans and have hear theoretically the patriots will get more mileage but can’t find much info from anyone whose actually run them.

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