Custom exhaust on 05 Dodge dually

Discussion in '5.9L 3rd Gen Cummins' started by wreckerman893, Jan 2, 2012.

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    The Boss Lady's truck is getting sucky milage and I suspect the exhaust is holding it back.

    She pulls a big horse trailer and I pull a 26 foot gooseneck occasionally.

    Loads are usually light because Dodge can't build an automatic transmission.

    It's completely stock (no tuner) except for a aftermarket fuel pump/filter that was installed because Dodge can't make a decent fuel pump.

    I have a K&N air filter that will be going on soon.

    I would really like to put dual stacks on it but will prob get overruled on that idea.

    Can a decent exhaust be fabbed using off the shelf parts. There is a Fleetpride store near me if parts are available there.

    I'd like to come straight off the turbo and go through a low restriction muffler (she already ruled out straight a straight pipe system).

    What size pipe would I need to come off the turbo. I don't think there would have to be any bends in it except where it came out behind the wheels.

    Anybody out there have practical experience in doing this?

    Pics would be great if you have them.
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    I rode in an 06 Dodge today with 5" Banks exhaust and it was really nice, fairly quiet and seemed to work/fit well.
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    Sucky isn't a number so that doesn't help any.
    A big horse trailer and a 26' goosneck are NOT what I would consider light.
    There is nothing wrong with the Dodge trans so long as it isn't abused and is serviced when required/recommended.
    The in-tank pumps are fine. Canister mounted different story. '05 had in-tank.
    Cat back 270.00 at Genos.
    If you MUST remove the converter just get a delete pipe for this. Then install the rest of the system.
    BTW, pipe off the turbo is 4" as is the rest of the system.
    Don't know if I'd worry about it though as the K&N filters are garbage.
    sure way to kill the engine.
    stick a 4" pleat NAPA gold or wix filter in the stock air box.
    wow this is an old thread

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