Cab and Chassis Tail lights


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Jul 13, 2015
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Granby CT
Hey ya all.

I am just about ready to mount my flat bed onto my new F-Superduty. Its a 94 7.3idi. I searched around for a few pages but wasnt seeing anything clear for a cab and chassis.

The back of the electrical harness was cut and spliced and yadda yadda back at the rear of the truck. Whoever did it, did a clean job of it, weather sealed connectors, terminating in ring terminals, routed into a weather proof junction box with distribution studs. Problem is, the spliced wires dont match the factory harness and now that ive removed the fiberglass utility bed, I need to wire in lights for my logging flatbed.

I have found the factory wires about midship and labelled the spliced colors. These are the colours in the factory harness;

Green w/ Orange stripe - Left Turn?
Orange w/ Black stripe - Right Turn?
Black w/ pink stripe - reverse?
Brown - Brakes?
Black - running lights?

Can anyone correct me on these? I was referencing my F250's wires but not sure if the cab and chassis are identical or slightly different?

Lastly, does anyone have suggestions for tail lights? I have some 2.5" round lights but theyre pretty crusty and many dont work so I was thinking about getting new ones. I was looking at these: but I dont know if they are decent or not. Reviews seem good except for one guy saying they let water in the housing.