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Appears to be no fuel through injector pump

Discussion in '6.2L Diesels' started by 5akman, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. 5akman

    5akman Registered User

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    May 15, 2018
    Chico CA/Kenai AK
    Helping my son on his 1985 C20. We pulled the old tired 6.2l out and put in a take out unit from an air port tug that a prior owner had messed with that includes all new gaskets, ARP head studs, rebuilt pump etc. We've now put a Banks turbo on it.

    We are at the point of trying to start it with no luck. We have an electric fuel pump, aftermarket fuel filter where the original was mounted and a inj pump of unknown history rebuilt by Allen Diesel in Yuba City CA. We get fuel through the filter to the pump but can crank on the starter repeatedly and don't get fuel at any of the injector lines we've loosened. We've pulled the green wire off of the shut off solenoid and we can hear it click as we touch the terminal. So, can the solenoid "sound" like its working but actually not?

    Any other suggestions here? My 20 yr old son is saying he should have bought a 350 crate engine instead but I still have faith!
  2. Thewespaul

    Thewespaul Supporting Vendor Supporting Member

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    Jul 27, 2015
    Bulverde, Texas
    Pull off the top cover and take a picture inside the pump, and of the solenoid. At the back of the pump is the metering valve and the governor linkage, likely it’s stuck shut, so try and move it back and forth with a clean finger and make sure it’s free.
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