46RH Transmission and NP (New Process/New Venture Gear)231 Transfer Case

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    Ok so here is my condundrum,

    I have a 1995 Dodge RAM 1500 with a 46RH Transmission (that came out of the scrap yard) because the old transmission that was also a 46RH just wasnt worth a count that came with tha truck.

    so I went to Lebanon scrap and bought a used one that had 201,000 miles on it.

    well the transfer case that came with my truck was bolted up to the old 46RH will bolt up to a "T" on the new transmission the only thing is, is apparently according to the dealership the input shaft to the transfer case is not long enough to create the seal that is needed. the input shaft on the transfer case measure 1 3/8inch. The dealership thinks that the transfer case was rebuilt and they may have inadvertently put a shorter input shaft in. the only other option would to be put a NP241 transfer case in which those input shafts measure 1.5 inchs long from the seal according to autozones web page... the 1/2 ton dodges come with the option of either a 231 or 241 transfer case from what the dealer told me.

    According to the equpiment identification tag that came with the 3/4 ton truck i got the new tranny out of had a NP241 while my truck had a NP231....

    what the heck is going on!

    any suggestions on what is going on here? ive since paid the dealership their money and had my truck moved to Condors Automotive.

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