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    Issues come in bunches

    The fuel selector valve went bad so I farmed out the repair to a good shop. Replacing the fuel tank valve weakened the fuel lines where they attach to the top of the tank. A new sender, some fuel line repairs and the truck had air in fuel symptoms. The shop stood by their work and made it right...
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    Air in fuel system after selector valve replacement

    A local shop replaced the fuel selector valve, dropped both tanks and replaced the fuel (tube or sock) in each tank. When I picked the truck up it started hard, surged and bucked. The fuel filter/water separator was wet on the bottom so I replaced that and cleaned the fittings and schrader valve...
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    Fuel tank switchover problem

    The truck ran fine on the front tank but when I switched over to the rear tank at 80mph the motor started bucking and the fuel filter light came on. Switched back to the front tank and the motor ran fine again. I did use the rear tank at lower speeds and it seemed to work fine. I don't think...
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    quick question. steering wheel

    I replaced the steering shaft and now the steering wheel is at the 2:00 position on a straight road. Rather than going through all the grief at the steering box (removing and resetting the splined connection) Can I pull the steering wheel and center it that way? I can't remember of the steering...
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    Rotor and pad suggestions to improve braking

    My '93 F-250 has always had poor braking since new. The rear drums probably do 10% of the work, the front disks could be better. The current disks are gouged. On another vehicle I tried slotted and drilled rotors and was very happy. The quality matters too - some Chinese rotors rust overnight...
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    Black smoke under moderate acceleration

    At 270K miles I had the injectors and injection pump replaced by a local shop. The truck used to smoke only at higher elevations - around 8,000' and higher. Now the truck smokes at speeds over 40 when I accelerate. I towed a 3 ton travel trailer a few days ago and it smoked more - a grade made...
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    DB Starters

    I've been throwing parts and money at hard starting problems in my '93 7.3IDI that I bought new 270K miles ago. New batteries, new injector pump, new return lines, new glow plugs but the truck continued to start hard despite being kept in a 45F degree heated garage. For $95 a DB starter changed...
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    What size hose from auxillary trans cooler to steel factory line?

    It's a 1993 F-250. I have had lots of trouble getting a good seal where the rubber line attaches between the after market auxiliary cooler to the steel cooler lines - plus the hose clamps I can find are really flimsy and strip out easily. Anyone know the size of the stock steel cooler lines...
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    steel powder in rear differential

    It's been a long time since I changed the oil in the rear end - maybe 50K miles. The truck has 265K miles, I've owned it since new. The speedometer jumps between 65-75, I pulled the sensor out and found it covered with steel filings. The oil level plug has a magnet too, it was full of filings. I...
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    headlight adjuster gearbox

    I replaced my headlights with an cheap ebay set. The lights themselves are OK but the up/down 90 degree gearbox was junk. I've looked online for a source for the gearbox or adjuster only (without a new headlight) with no luck. Any ideas?
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    Headlight replacement

    Sounded like an easy job, however it turned out to be almost 6 hours. The clips that hold the back of the adjusters to the truck are unbelievably difficult to remove. Maybe a circlip remover would have helped spread those clips. Worst part is that the $45 (pair) headlights I bought on ebay...
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    rear brake keeps tightening

    On a 93 F-250... The self adjuster keeps taking up slack to the point of heating up the brake and boiling the fluid in the wheel cylinder and adjacent brake line. Last week I replaced the shoes, wheel cylinder, springs and adjuster with new parts. The drum went on very difficultly even though...
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    Silencing warning chimes on 08 F-350

    Is there any way to silence or quiet the hellish chime/bell on the 08... it's the key in ignition/lights on/seat belt off chime that's obnoxiously loud that I'd like to either quiet or disable. It sounds like it comes from the headlight switch area under the dash. We're in and out of this...