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  1. icanfixall

    So what did you do with your truck today?

    My engine tear down continues. Pistons all look fine. Rods show .002 thousands clearance as found. Crank on number 1 main shows .003...Maybe .004 thousands.Will be rechecking later. TOO HOT today to work plus is Sunday....
  2. icanfixall

    So what did you do with your truck today?

    not a thing. Bout a month ago I found several sleeves leaking oil at the top as I heated them up looking for cracks. You put a flame on any cracked metal and it glows bright orange because of the sharp crack. Some sleeves have slipped down as much as 12 thousands in the bore too. The shop put...
  3. icanfixall

    Snap on 480 timing meter

    Myself and many others use the kent moore j33300 meters. Just make sure you get all the pieces. Just the magnetic probe will cost nearly $400.00 to replace.
  4. icanfixall

    So what did you do with your truck today?

    Just walked by it because I have not started pulling engine. Few months ago it pushed out coolant. So replaced 15 year old motorcraft thermostat thinking it failed closed....Nope. With cap off radiator and full of coolant it pushed most of the coolant out. Head gasket. Cracked head or block...
  5. icanfixall

    Injection pump intake pressure

    Agree with the above posting. Get the pressure reduced for the best injection pump use....
  6. icanfixall

    Something fun for the kiddos

    May use this myself.. Boredom is staring to show...
  7. icanfixall

    Thread Count ?

    My thread count is stationary at 25,843. I have posted several times today. Why is it NOT changing?? Thanks...
  8. icanfixall

    So what did you do with your truck today?

    Have not even started my engine in over 2 months. Had some coolant issues blowing out catch reservoir. Thought thermostat stuck closed. Changed it. Refilled with distilled water. Cap off radiator. Started up engine and a gusher came out open radiator. Head gasket... Cracked liner... Cracked...
  9. icanfixall

    Oil Pressure port

    There is another two main oil galley ports but they are BEHIND the oil cooler bundle. These engines were installed first in the international S1600 box or dump trucks. The hidden ports fed the onboard air compressors...
  10. icanfixall

    NOS 7.3 turbo engein

    I figured you would have the parts Russ
  11. icanfixall

    So what did you do with your truck today?

    Saturday drove my rig bout 3 miles and started blowing coolant out the recovery tank. Cooling system was maintaining pressure so... Figured a failed closed thermostat. Added a gallon of distilled water I always carry and drove home. No problems but engine did warm up again. Today I was planning...
  12. icanfixall

    Kent-Moore J33300-A complete kit NOS $415.00

    That was NOT me. Honestly the asking price was fair. Figure what it costs new or just trying to replace the mag probe sets you back nearly $400.00. I continue to offer the timing kit rental on a limited basis only. I only have one working meter at this time.. The other 11 meters have come back...
  13. icanfixall

    Show us your IP wrench!

    I have "made my own" but... Prefer to use the factory wrench. I do grind it just a bit. As for the fast idle solenoid I remove it for any adjustments and... I time my engines cold if possible. To time a cold engine you remove the rear power wire on top of the injection pump and the power wire to...
  14. icanfixall

    A few questions about this “IDIT”

    Only real difference in turbo and non turbo engines is the exhaust valave material being Inconel and the piston pins are larger on the turbo pistons. Non turbo blocks serial number ended at 1,116,330. Then from 1,116,331 and up came the turbo blocks.Any non turbo block can be fitted to turbo...
  15. icanfixall

    FIPL fun

    I recall reading these tps switches are best replaced around 75,000 miles.Every time your throttle is moved so is the contact inside these switches moving. This movement rubs and eventually wears out the contacts. Then all kinds of problems with shifting happen... Glad you "found n fixed" the...
  16. icanfixall

    Dying oil cooler?

    Never worked on a van for anything but remember the van oil cooler takes different cooler to block mounting gaskets. Otherwise they are the same cooler o rings and bundle.
  17. icanfixall

    Got the banks kit on.

    The plunger on the high idle solenoid can be adjusted.It requires a 1/4 inch socket because its faster using that tool. Also you may be able to adjust the bracket for this too. Many times the bracket is removed for working room. Then you reinstall it and presto.Fast idle is too high. So loosen...
  18. icanfixall

    Need one injector line.

    That box of injector lines looks very much like my collection. Nice to see another idi parts hoarder...
  19. icanfixall

    7.3 problems

    So... How many miles are on the injection pump and injectors? To me it sounds like you have the heat soak problem. The injection pump is worn so badly that it can only make pressure when its cold. When its warmed up the clearances are now way too big to make pressure to pop open an injector.You...
  20. icanfixall

    Return line spring in fuel filter head. Is it needed and what does it do?

    The fuel filter supply line from the mechanical lift pump is 3/8 olive. The discharge from filter to injection pump is 5/16 line and olives. Conestoga Diesel and Oregon fuel injection sell these check valves. There is two different sizes. Small is the one for the return lines with the green...
  21. icanfixall

    Waking up my 7.3

    Checking fluids and a trickle charger is a great way to get going safely. If your fuel system is tight, No leaks... It will fire right up. My rig sits for a couple of months and never fails to fire up with no long cranking ever.My fuel system is leak free and tight..
  22. icanfixall

    the rise of Sulaco

    This post causes me some grief but.. Its always good to see something live on. So here we are attempting to carry to torch forwards by remembering a great guy. Clavin was instrumental in helping me thru my wifes attempted suicide about 6 years ago. I never shared that it was her second attempt...
  23. icanfixall

    ported and polished heads on an idi?

    I have posted many pics of my porting and traveling in double overdrive showing the mph and the rpm. I recall 1850 was 75 mph. I think 2000 rpm was speedometer pointing straight down... So I "had something left"... My rear gears are 3;55. So in double overdrive my final gear ratio is 1.96 per...
  24. icanfixall

    PANIC STOP abs hell

    Ford made a rabs valve bypass fitting but... They stopped making is some time back.Calvin posted a great picture of one he "found" and purchased. He too did not like the rabs valve brake feeling.
  25. icanfixall

    injection pump timing quick question

    What type of injectors and where did you purchase them from if they too got replaced? Might be a fuel line restriction issues too.Sometimes the fuel tank suction heads break up. Then get sucked into the lines causing restrictions to flow and volume. Main place pieces get trapped in the fuel tank...