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  1. Golden Helmet

    Always inspect your truck before driving!

    Because sometimes, when you're sleeping, little gremlins come out and steal bolts from trucks that won't die. I found something today that could have been a bad day for me, but a catastrophic day for a stock truck. This is just one more reason I love hydroboost. No vacuum pump, no problems :D...
  2. Golden Helmet

    Puffing smoke @ idle while in gear, after trip to high elevation

    Heya fellas. Just to get this out of the way, it's a '92 7.3L N/A, E4OD, the IP is from R&D, injectors are 7x R&D and 1x NAPA reman, IP and sticks have about 25k miles on them. And as a little more background, my truck rolls black smoke @ sea level and I don't have a pyro. Yes I'm doing it wrong...
  3. Golden Helmet

    Return line spring in fuel filter head. Is it needed and what does it do?

    Heya guys. I'm in the middle of putting a new fuel filter head on my truck, modded to delete the fuel heater. I'm swapping all the stuff over from the old head to the new one. On the old one, i found a spring hiding behind the return line fitting. When i put the spring in the new housing, it...
  4. Golden Helmet

    Maintenance / Repair Week

    I've got some free time off work, so for the next day or two I'll be going through my to-do list. I thought I'd make this thread so I can keep any rookie questions I have all in one place. My agenda: - Get the batteries recharged - Put on new negative cables - Replace the fuel heater o-rings -...
  5. Golden Helmet

    Doing the crappy job myself (edited)

    Heya fellas. I have a crappy job I need done on my truck, and I don't have the skills or nuts to do it myself. It may sting the ego a bit, but if I touch it everything will go to hell LOL I need my HVAC fixed and my alarm system removed. This, I assume, requires removing the dashboard, and...
  6. Golden Helmet

    Is this just a valve cover leak, or external head gasket leak too?

    Heya fellas. I've got an oily patch on my passenger-side inner fender that's been gradually getting worse. There's oil up on the AC drier, all along the underside of the heater hose that comes out of the block, and sprayed out on the fender insulation. There are no oil spots under the truck; the...
  7. Golden Helmet

    Noisy alternator

    So I was working on the truck today and trying to put a bypass valve in the heater line. That failed miserably (the fittings leaked, no vice so I could only hand tighten the fittings), so I bought some new hose, put it in, and thought I was done. I fired it up to check for leaks, and that's when...
  8. Golden Helmet

    This is why we don't like TTB's

    Because even when it looks aligned straight, drives arrow-straight, and generally rides fine, these pieces of junk just LOVE to eat tires. I have less than 20K miles on these tires, all pavement, I've rotated them every 3K miles, and this is what they look like: I'm planning to "fix it"...
  9. Golden Helmet

    What is this noise? Grumbling @ idle, only in gear / low idle

    It just started doing this recently, it was intermittent but now it's constantly humming / grumbling when the truck is in gear and sitting at idle. You can see in the video that the noise goes away in Park / Neutral, but when the truck gets in gear and the idle lowers something starts making...
  10. Golden Helmet

    Play in my water pump, FUBAR? Video included

    I was playing with my truck today trying to fit a shorter belt for my alternator (no luck). While it was apart I started checking my pulleys for any play. I got to the fan, and, well, I'm pretty sure it's not normal, but I'll let you guys tell me exactly how boned I am :P For what it's worth, I...
  11. Golden Helmet

    Window motors, any good sources or all junk?

    Heya fellas. A few years back my driver side window motor kicked the bucket, I went cheap and replaced it with whatever crap O'Reilly's had in stock, either Dorman or Delco, I don't remember which. Worked great at first, but now it's dead again. Turns out 7 year old Chinese kids can't rebuild...
  12. Golden Helmet

    Odd Transfer case / E4OD behavior. Not broken, just curious and looking for info

    Like the title said, nothing's broken today, I just found a weird "glitch" and I'm curious if anyone has an explanation for it. For those that don't read sigs, my truck is a '92 with the E4OD. Anyways, the other day I was playing around with my transfer case shifter, moving it through the...
  13. Golden Helmet

    Did I get the wrong starter relay?

    Go figure, 2 days after getting my truck back with the hydroboost working, the starter relay on the fender craps out on me. And now it looks like I got the wrong relay, because I just can't catch a break sometimes :rotflmao Anyways, I ordered a Motorcraft starter relay from O'Reilly's, and it...
  14. Golden Helmet

    Hydroboost swap in progress, hit some snags and need advice

    Heya fellas. I'm knee deep in my hydroboost swap, halfway there! Pedals are swapped, the Hydroboost unit is in place, right now I'm reconnecting the BOO switch and the vacuum thingy. Told ya I'd get stuck on something simple :rotflmao I'm trying to figure this brake on/off switch thing out. I...
  15. Golden Helmet

    Hydroboost Swap & Power Steering Pump replacement. What hangups can I expect?

    I'm getting ready to do a Hydroboost swap in to my F-250. Last night I ordered a bunch of parts for the swap: - NEW Hydroboost unit (Motorcraft #E8TZ2005B) - Motorcraft reman Power Steering Pump for a '92 F-Super Duty (two part numbers given, #F1TC3A674DARM and #F1TZ3A674DBRM); should come...
  16. Golden Helmet

    Spongey brake pedal after replacing hoses and calipers

    Heya fellas. Today's victim is the brakes, I had the bright idea to replace the front calipers and all the rubber brake hoses since everything is 24 years / 300k miles old. Everything was working just fine, but with hydroboost on the horizon I thought it'd be smart to make sure everything else...
  17. Golden Helmet

    Sunburnt hood and roof, what are my options?

    That's my hood, my roof is even worse. The paint is clearly done, but I'm just wondering what my options are here. Is there any way I can stop the peeling where it is now and preserve what's left? I'm thinking about just rattlecanning it, but my only workplace is my driveway. I'm just curious...
  18. Golden Helmet

    Anyone got a good source for new D50 leaf springs?

    I may as well kill two birds with one stone. My tie rods are shot to hell, so since it'll be up on the rack being aligned anyways, I may as well have the 300k mile front leaf springs replaced while it's there. If it still squeaks, creaks, and pops after it gets new tie rods and springs, then I...
  19. Golden Helmet

    Fuel injector line giving me trouble

    Heya fellas. I finally worked up the courage to tackle my return lines today... take a guess how well that went LOL Everything was going way too smoothly, right up to the part where I'm reconnecting the metal fuel lines to the injectors. I managed to get 7 of them back on with just my...

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