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  1. ISPKI

    Trailer Harness electrical

    Hey all, So I got my 94 F-Superduty earlier this year and have been having a great time stocking up on firewood for this coming winter. The truck has an extremely heavy duty bumper/tow hitch setup and I would like to setup a trailer harness and controller for the truck so I can start hauling...
  2. ISPKI

    E4OD Behavior

    Hey all. I have been noticing some odd behavior from my E4OD in my 94 F-Superduty. Transmission shifts great smooth but solid all the way up to 4th gear. Heres where the odd behavior starts. If I press the throttle fairly hard, say accelerating on the highway to pass a slow driver, it seems to...
  3. ISPKI

    Fixed headlight knob

    Hey all. Every OBS I have ever owned has had the headlight knob broken off, my new super duty is no exception so I am making a permanent replacement. Knob is 303SS. Drilled and threaded for 3 serrated 8-32 steel set screws. Going to drill and thread it today after work with a spin indexer...
  4. ISPKI

    Headlights...I cant see diddly squat at night

    As the title says, the headlights in my slug - Earl Simpson Sr. are spanked. I was driving home with a load of ash last night and realized it was the first time I had driven the thing at night and I didnt like it one bit. That being said. What is everyone's opinions on headlights? Any...
  5. ISPKI

    94 F-Superduty Tail lights

    Hey ya all. I am just about ready to mount my flat bed onto my new F-Superduty. Its a 94 7.3idi. I searched around for a few pages but wasnt seeing anything clear for a cab and chassis. The back of the electrical harness was cut and spliced and yadda yadda back at the rear of the truck...
  6. ISPKI

    Cab and Chassis Tail lights

    Hey ya all. I am just about ready to mount my flat bed onto my new F-Superduty. Its a 94 7.3idi. I searched around for a few pages but wasnt seeing anything clear for a cab and chassis. The back of the electrical harness was cut and spliced and yadda yadda back at the rear of the truck...
  7. ISPKI

    Interesting gauge mounts

    Hey all, I am installing a pair of pyrometers in my 94 superduty (I salvaged two banks dynafact guages from junked trucks for super cheap). I dont really like the pillar gauge pod setup, they seem to be cheap and dont mount nicely whenever ive installed them. Who has seen or done it...
  8. ISPKI

    Bracket on rear of F Superduty Dana 80

    Hey all. I was cleaning up the underside of my 94 F Super duty prepping to flush out the rear axle and I noticed an odd looking bracket assembly bolted to it. There is a steel bracket bolted next to the rear diff cover. That bracket has a sort of pivot pin with a banana shaped bar leading to...
  9. ISPKI

    Exhaust pipe seals

    Hey all, So I recently customized my collector pipe to adapt up to a 4" oval transition to 4" Round pipe at the "Y" joint where the pipes are welded together. What do you all use to seal the flange connection to the manifolds? I used a couple donut things I had in my toolbox but they were a...
  10. ISPKI

    Stuck FIPL

    Hey all, So I just replaced the FIPL on my 94 superduty. The larger torx screws were jammed in there pretty tight and I ended up break a 1/4" ratchet a cheap T27 torx drive bit and a T27 Torx L key. Barely managed to extract the screw using a 3/8" ratchet with a 1/4" adapter and a Wiha brand...
  11. ISPKI

    Truck starting issues, not the usual

    So my "new" F-Superduty has this intermittent issue where the starter seemed to be not engage fully sometimes, causing it to make that horrific wine as the teeth spin by without engaging the flexplate. Starter looked old so I bought a new powermaster unit and installed it yesterday. Found that...
  12. ISPKI

    Long shot, E4OD Flex Plate in CT

    Kind of a long shot but is there anyone in CT who has a Flex plate laying around for an E4OD? Specifically for a 7.3 N/A IDI? I dont know if the turbo ones or the 460 ones are actually different.
  13. ISPKI

    Dont get mad, spiked lug nuts

    Hey all, I have been working on cleaning up my 94 super duty idi and the lug nuts look to be in sad shape. The rears are OK looking on one side, crusty on the other, missing one. The fronts look miserable, missing alot of the chrome caps, some of them have two regular nuts double stacked on...
  14. ISPKI

    Oddball transmission ideas

    I got this F-Superduty with an E4OD and ive been mulling over getting rid of the transmission for...reasons. What kind of transmission swaps can be done within some level of reason? Some fabrication not an issue, welding on bellhousings easily done. Ive heard it is possible to swap in an...
  15. ISPKI

    Cleaning out the radiator

    Hey all, I picked up all new fluids for my 94 F-superduty (Pearly Edwards). Did the oil last night and drained the radiator. Going to do a series of flush and fills with distilled water (my work distills their own) to clean out as much of the old coolant as possible. I noticed that there is...
  16. ISPKI

    Torque converters

    Hey all, I have a 1994 super duty, 7.3 N/A with an E4OD. Local guy is selling a bunch of torque converters that he found in storage, DACCO brand, all NIB for reallllllly cheap. One of them is part# F59HS which says it is for an E4OD but I wanted to check and see if our trucks had a different TC...
  17. ISPKI

    F-Super Duty Chewing Belts

    My 1994 F-Super Duty seems to want to shred one rib off it's serpentine belt. Just installed a new belt about 100 miles ago and suddenly a rib sheared off. Upon closer inspection, the top right idler pulley is set 1/4" rearwards, towards the engine block when measured against the other pulleys...
  18. ISPKI

    E4OD Limp mode

    Hey all. So my new to me 94 super duty was in limp mode when I first got it. I pulled codes, said fluid temp was too high. Drained the fluid, replaced filter and filled with wolf synthetic. Been driving it for a month now, put maybe 150-200miles on her. Tripped flashing OD light today on the way...
  19. ISPKI

    7.3idi super duty starter

    Hey all. So, my starter in my 94 F super duty has an issue, sometimes it just spins without engaging the flywheel. Happens rarely but it also cranks very very slowly. I had replaced the starter in my 94 F250 with a high torq model from DB electrical. When I enter my new truck's info, it pulls...
  20. ISPKI

    Order tracking

    Good morning, Maybe this isnt the place for this but I wanted to say that I really like how CDD handles order tracking and that I havent seen any other company do this. When clicking the link to track your package, their link brings you to an order review page on their website which...
  21. ISPKI

    After years of idi ownership...

    ...finally got myself a timing unit. I am very much looking forward to using this on my "New" Superduty. Will be interesting to see how off it is. The old dog let's off a bit of grey smoke pretty much all the time so we'll see if anything is off. Also, once I get comfortable with using it, I...
  22. ISPKI

    E4OD OBD1 Scanner codes

    Does anyone have a list or a link to a list of the trouble codes for a 92-94 7.3 idi E4OD? Specifically looking for a list of code definitions for a 1994 F-SuperDuty with an E4OD.
  23. ISPKI

    "New" superduty woes

    Hey all, So I got this 94 Superduty 7.3 NA. Truck was fairly well maintained, has 200k on it. Looks like they put a fair amount of new OEM parts into it. I'm working thru alot of the usual items, injector O rings have been replaced, caps no longer leak. Replaced the fluids, oil filter, fuel...
  24. ISPKI

    F-Super Duty Trailer Hitch

    Hey all, I posted this in the F-450 section but im not sure how many people actually look at that. I recently acquired a 94 F-Super Duty in very nice condition to replace my F-250. I am looking into picking up a heavy duty trailer hitch as the one on the truck is questionable looking. Does...
  25. ISPKI

    OBS F-Super Duty Trailer Hitch

    Hey All! I just landed a 1994 F-Super Duty with a 7.3idi. I am looking into picking up a trailer hitch setup but the only one that I have come up with is Curt's Class 4 hitch. Anyone have any idea where I can get at least a class 5? What does everyone use for a hitch setup on their 450+ trucks?