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  1. drewr13NJ

    Old fuel?

    My IDI is an old farm truck. The front tank had a pin hole in the sending unit pickup where it rusted through up on top of the tank, hence the truck would run crappy on the front tank. Well, I switched it from the rear tank and had a mess all over by driveway because of the pin hole, but even...
  2. drewr13NJ


    I have one that came off a '94 turbo F-Superduty. No one seems interested in the tranny and I have a ZF5.
  3. drewr13NJ

    7.3 IDI No start when hot

    Following this... I have a 92 that was recently sleeved and rebuilt. I have been having similar issues. The truck has 107K mi on it. I got a "new" pump from someone who worked at the Navistar plant in Indy. That being said it was given to me, so I think I got what I paid for. He had a truck...
  4. drewr13NJ

    7.3 swapped, turbo not installed. Should I leave it alone?

    I find myself in a similar situation. I have a 1992 7.3 NA. I'm pretty satisfied with the power. I hauled half a yard of river rock in the bed and I felt it was not lacking in power, but figured it would be nice to have a turbo. I want a straight pipe since the stock exhaust is shot and...
  5. drewr13NJ

    7.3 tear down/rebuild (hydrolocked)

    I had a similar situation happen to me. Bought a truck a year ago with multiple red flags... It hydro-locked when we tried to start it on the test drive! Should have walked away then. Anyway, first we replaced the head gasket on driver's side, then finally figured out #8 had pinholes in it...