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    1987 E-350 Steering Help

    Hi all Its been a while. so i got a new ride and need some help before I start throwing money at something. I bought an 87' van which runs well and will be a work horse for construction jobs. However i ran in to a scary issue on the drive home. This ol bitty was wandering over the road and hard...
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    Steering and diag

    I wasn't able to drive this truck long enough to really feel out the steering. However since everything is out I want to know what is good to inspect/ replace. There are some parts that have taken a beating. And rusted. However i really don't want to get In to the steering column. Unless someone...
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    Interior factory firewall sound deadener

    So with the rats having been in this truck and there still being an odor my assumption is that this factory sound deadener may have been pissed on.. I was going to pull it and run dynamat but noticed that the factory stuff is thicker and has molded contours for hvac etc. Anybody replaced this...
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    Single 38 gal tank wiring

    Hi all So I have done research and have schematics. Yet don't have my answers. I SUCK at wiring.i don't know what to do. I want to know. Can I delete the following. Fsv Wiring to front tank Need for toggle switch While retaining the rear tank and instrument panel function for fuel level. I...
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    This does not look good

    Went to change fluid and pinion seal. To find this... what now? Is rust at all common? My assumption is that gasket either failed or wasn't installed correct at all. I scraped nothing from the face. I'm way over budget on this thing. How difficult fix?
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    33 gal rear tank?

    I just ordered a 38 gal rear tank for the conversion. Then I got to thinking by the time the 38 gal is installed and the sump pick up is put on the bottom this thing will be pretty low. I thought there was a 33 tank option? Am I off on this. Obviously for diesel. All help appreciated.
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    Factory Turbo Y pipe fit issue

    Its a 6 9 So as you can see in the pic my y pipe is not close to fitting. Hits the intake manifold and even the block from what I can see. Pre attaching it doesn't allow the turbo to sit on the pedestal. It's an either or situation. I can cut the tab off and it wouldn't be enough. What am I...
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    1987 Crew Cab 2WD Build

    With so much going on with my ever evolving project I thought I would share. Please keep in mind my technical experience includes small engine shop class in high school and some VW work in my 20's. However much of that experience was under the oversight of a mechanic friend. I purchased this...
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    Whats this?

    Im working through the wiring and can't seem to figure what this is. All help appreciated. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    1987 hvac

    Ok so upon discovery of the mice (and crap,*****,nuts, etc) problem. I pulled the hvac apart. Is it supposed to come apartm Doubtful.. definitely not ideal. However it does have locking tab areas along with a bonded plastic track that aligns the pieces. It's apart as shown. My ideas is to sand...
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    Sanding the block

    I had no intention of sanding the block. Ibwas discouraged from this method by research.. some of which actually did have guys flat sanding. Yes I did research. However, it wasn't as clean as I invisioned and a local engine builder who put my valve springs in encouraged I briefly sand the block...
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    Stock tow wiring

    I got a color coded schematic that shows these wires correctly identified by pattern. However my bishko doesn't have a lot about this.. This is the brake controller wiring correct? The second one with the twizzler tied combination is for brake? I don't know what the last guy was doing. Did it...
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    Head tear down

    I finally got the engine out and started tear down. I was curious to find out if I was justified in havung purchased a rebuild. This is what I found. Keep in mind I don't know true mileage. I found snapped head studs and coolant in the cylinders on the passenger side. This justifies me having...
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    Nuts and Bolts

    So... with the engine basically out including rad support. The interior out, and tranny out i have a lot of parts laying around. I took pictures and documented as much as I could. However i feel like no amount of documentation would have sufficed to create the perfect guide to putting everything...
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    Mice and man

    Air controls wouldn't fully swing right to left. I figured it was a wire issue. It was a vermin issue. Prior to me having the truck critters had built a network in the vent system. So much so they packed the swing door shut.. no wonder the ol bitty was overheating. This has in turn created a...
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    Faith, Family, Friends, Ford

    Hello Gents I have used this site as a resource for 6 months. I currently have a 1987 Ford F350 Crew Cab 2 WD Idi (Deloris). I have pondered selling the truck, but just can't. I have always loved the OBS. Me and my truck share the same birth year, so kinda makes sense. I value the wealth of...