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    Could this be the solution? Did you replace the internal filter in the injection pump ? I'm not sure on this filter above ...

    Fast idle/cold advance switch

    Bla bla bla

    Is there a way to make a high idle switch?

    I really need help with a weird no start

    Take off the feed line and that next piece has two flats on it . It may stick out past needing to remove any lines . It unscrews and the filter and a few parts come out as pictured . Dont go any further ! goes back the way it comes apart .

    I really need help with a weird no start

    How about the cone filter at the injection pump feed ?

    Brakes locked up but nothing looks wrong

    Check the backing plates where the shoes ride , for ridges from not being lubed. I had to grind mine smooth once because the shoe was sticking !

    Truck stalls between shifting

    take off the fuel filter and fill it with ATF , put it back on and run the truck a couple minutes to get the ATF in the pump and injectors , sometimes the engine tone will change , turn off engine and let it sit overnight . the detergent in the ATF will clean these internal parts.. next day...

    Throttle fix.
  10. SIKPUP

    Why does my truck take so long to fill at the pump?

    Cool , I am at this point right now !
  11. SIKPUP

    Clutch still dragging :(

    My bushings on the pedals were worn ... if I had my foot pushing on the brake pedal at the same time I was pushing in the clutch pedal ... It would not go into gear with the truck running. If I just pushed in on the clutch pedal (not touching the brake pedal) it would go right in !! check the...
  12. SIKPUP

    Electrical woes, short in right rear turn signal

    My 93 F-350 with the towing package has a right and left fuses for the turn signals in the fuse box under the hood for the factory hitch plug , not the tail lights in the body/bed .
  13. SIKPUP

    E brake cable install?

    The adjustment is having the rear drums adjusted right . I disconnected my cables at the rear of the middle cable and cant get the rear two cables back on ... (about an inch short ) Now I'm going to take the brake shoes off to reconnect .
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    Drum brakes dragging need help. Stuck on road.

    My 93 had an issue with the backing plates getting grooved where the shoes ride ! (lube washed out) the shoes would go past the worn ridge and get caught locked against the drum and not release.. I had to weld the backing plate and grind it smooth and keep it lubed ! Just a thought ?? It took...
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    Fuel Sending Unit HELP...

    I found these ... have not tried them yet ?
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    Clutch hydraulics
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    Easy Leaf spring bushing replacement

    Ball joint press the center that the bolt goes through out , then hole saw the rubber bushing and sawsall the outer shell .
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    Sluggish intermittent wiper control

    ON my 93 , I just popped off the end cap ! and with a couple Q tips and some electrical cleaner ... all was good , it was full of junk and grease...
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    Which 33/38 gallon rear tank?

    I'm doing both tanks now , i got this one , and the front one also ! The bronco graveyard was alot more shipping. but I wanted plastic tanks..
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    Fuel tank selector valve. scroll down ...
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    Frame rust

    We have 1995 F-150 4x4 gasser here in Pa , When I moved it in the driveway and the front coil spring popped out and rolled down the hill !! At that point I called it DONE !!
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    Large Capacity rear fuel tank

    I'll be doing this real soon , What Part numbers did you order ? I want to go plastic also !!
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    Facet fuel pump users question

    I found that if you use a close 1/8 inch npt nipple with a 1/8 inch ntp 90 then the 1/8 inch npt to barbed adapter , it has much less restriction then using a combined 1/8 service ell and barbed adapter.
  24. SIKPUP

    Disc conversion on a 93 DRW says not for DRW ....anyone making this work for DRW ?