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    single seat

    Ford bucket seats of that era were attached to a sub bracket that used the same mounting holes as the bench seat. I believe the Bronco might have done the same thing but with different dimensions.
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    Bench seat upholstery

    I believe that is a loose fitting cover and you basically get to hog ring it into place. Seatcoversunlimited might be worth a look. Same price range. Those are more of a stretch fit and can go from a bad look as above to something that is not baggy in appearance. When looking at a photo, look...
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    Well, Fu-udge.

    Bamboozled!! So I have been playing with the 7.5 gasser and found a common man made fault. The starter solenoid was physically internally broken and I stuffed on a Motorcraft unit. The starter that was in there had been recently replaced but was dragging when the engine started. The spinning...
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    Well, Fu-udge.

    Oh Happy Joy! Considering the truck is basically free if I sell the lumber rack for $300, I came across a scissor hoist for $500. I am in the process of cuting that out of an old frame it was in, and adding it to the F350 to make it a dump bed. Speaking of the F350, the stater is currently...
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    Mechanical shutoff

    Now if you had a source on that. . .
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    Well, Fu-udge.

    The ladder truck is for sale. Fires right up runs and drives. The son bought it because he was "going to" convert it into some kind of "Service/Towing" rig. It needs an electrical genny to run the ladder apparatus and it didn't have one when the kid got the truck. With my money. Here it sits...
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    First truck

    Let the fun begin. 2WD, leave it that way. if you desire an upgrade from that rear end, you might look at the Eaton TruTrac, but that is a time down the road. Best of luck to you! Lot's of folks here smartern' me
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    Well, Fu-udge.

    Ah yes, It needs a few things, The rad is very low and colored like red clay/rust and the engine runs rough. I got the battery charged and the already new, and replaced the internally broken starter solenoid (It rattled) and it now starts with just the key. Maybe a head gasket in the future but...
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    Well, Fu-udge.

    So there I was Playing with Facebook marketplace. A dangerous place for a mentally challenged person such as I. There I was looking for a dump trailer and ran across a '93 F350 dually with the 7.3 for $1,000 I contacted the owner who didn't quite speak the best English. (He was Samoan) He sent...
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    I Bent It. idit me

    Ether is good for pre-ignition and that can result in bent push rods. Gotta run, need to go look at a tractor.
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    I Bent It. idit me

    Shame on me for not paying attention to this thread of my creation. I suspect a bent push rod from the usage of ether in a diesel engine. The other option might be bending a conn rod. Now if I pull the V/C, remove the push rods, roll them around and if I find no damage, then the next step might...
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    I Bent It. idit me

    I appreciate that. I know this subject of installing/wiring a fuel pump has been hacked to death. The fun part is going to be locating the push rods.
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    I Bent It. idit me

    Oh fudge. So the truck sat for about 5 weeks and I went to start it. Crank, crank, oh shtge! Let the glow plugs cool off about 20 minutes and give the intake a shot of ether. It started up and runs. Now it restarts with no problem because I have not let it sit another 5 weeks. Low speed has this...
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    Fender mounted starter solenoid

    Well I went out and looked past the end of my nose and noticed the "Wait to Start" light is not coming on. Checking the relay at the top of the GP Module, it has power in and now tomorrow i need to locate my 12V trouble light to see if it is getting a signal.
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    Fender mounted starter solenoid

    Oh Joy. 3 post solenoid, fender mount with Motorcraft P/N 9TF F1150 -A P3M3 B1 Now the second one in too soon a time. Contemplating adding a second in line solenoid, one just for glow plugs and the next one just for...
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    Step bars

    This being a Furd means installation of the required anti-grav kit. See Scotty in Engineering.
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    Step bars

    If you find a real set of "No Drill" you then have to install the "Anti-Grav"kit.
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    Bullnose / Bricknose chassis questions

    My '86 standard cab has a decent tight turning radius. The '87 extended cab is a joke. The '94 CC Dually matches the Titanic for turning radius with a Dana 60
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    wiring harness or replacemenent connectors

    Amazon search Ford Connector kit
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    Valve spring compressor

    That came up in a 25 second search.
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    Valve spring compressor
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    Trip bottom removal?

    Trip "RESET" button. Remove the clear instrument panel, it should come right out.
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    1986 A/C-Heater air flow, not right

    I'll throw in my 2 cents worth. Typically if the HVAC vacuum hose fails, the default position for the vents is the defrost mode. If you have air coming out of other vents then I suspect your control is broken. As for the hard plastic lines, you can repair those easily enough with rubber...
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    '87 6.9 needs to go away.

    This toy can get swapped into someone else's life. I did go out this afternoon and add 2 quarts of trans fluid. THAT might help. I will fire it up tomorrow morning and see what happens.
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    '87 6.9 needs to go away.

    Time to let the '87 F250 4X4 6.9/C-6 find a new home. $2205. It's not a beauty queen but for the money, Not that the transmission taking it's time to go into gear first thing in the morning was bothering me, or the slight water intrusion into the cab area from a body seam up front somewhere...