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    An A/C question

    Also pay attention to the correct orifice tube to get.
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    Hate it's come to this....

    Giving you a bump. You lasted one little one longer than I did!
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    Another lift pump lets me down.

    Maybe someone with some skills can adapt a Glacier Diesel belt driven pump from a Cummins to an IDI. It, basically, looks like a procon pump that gets run off the crank pulley.
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    1988 7.3 IDI sawp into 2000 truck?

    Then you will never pass. The odb2 won't even register a reading which means they can't even pass you. With an odb2 test, that means you're in a smog state and it's illegal to put an older motor into newer vin code. It's legal to do the opposite.
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    Selling extras (turbo rods, motor mounts, other items)

    Zf5 shifter bushing kit sold Injection pump core sold
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    Selling extras (turbo rods, motor mounts, other items)

    Oh and let me know what you are looking for price wise for all you mentioned.
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    Selling extras (turbo rods, motor mounts, other items)

    I have all the above. I'll send a PM with my phone number. Give me a call whenever. I know nothing about the pump. I bought it as a core.
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    First time welding cast iron

    Is that technically Tig brazing when you use that rod? I've been interested in wanting to try it.
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    Selling extras (turbo rods, motor mounts, other items)

    Selling some miscellaneous parts I've had lying around. I have additional parts and I will post them as I gather pictures. All prices are obo so feel free to IM me an offer. I have no idea the fair market value of this stuff so if you see it cheaper just let me know. I'll ship them USPS flat...
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    First time welding cast iron

    Looks good to me. On a somewhat related topic, I have used high ni rod from crown alloys and it has ways worked great for me (repaired two machine tools I had). I had heard SS rod also worked.
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    Powerstroke Replacement

    Strap wrench works as well.
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    For guys with the carter p4070

    Yeah no problem. I'll do a write up this weekend.
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    1986 F-250 OEM Radio Wiring

    You could try Crutchfield (or ebay). But you don't really need it. Your stereo should come with a female one (one that plugs into the stereo) with bare wires at the other end. The stereo should also identify what wires are what. Match them up with the wires you identified above and butt...
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    For guys with the carter p4070

    Racor has some nice looking push lock line. It is used on aircraft so I am sure you would never have a leak nor would "go bad" like rubber fuel line. However it is expensive, like $2 a foot. Steel brake like cost me $20 for the whole truck, feed and return line. The Racor line would have...
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    For guys with the carter p4070

    My truck is a '87. I ordered a Spectra brand off ebay since they were $87 with free shipping. They come with a lock ring and pick up extension (really just 3/8 copper pipe). They are diesel safe if someone is worried about galvanizing on the tank (see my post at #19 here...
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    For guys with the carter p4070

    This is the pre-filter. Racor PS120 (one on the right, the left is for small engines). You can choose different strainer micron ratings.
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    For guys with the carter p4070

    One of the best things I ever did was the 38 gallon tank. I've always hated the dual tank Chevy/Ford set ups. Also, I've really started liking Racor (Parker Hannifin) stuff, but boy is it expensive for what you get. I wouldn't use them if I wasn't able to get it for prices I can. My fuel...
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    For guys with the carter p4070

    I was asked to post a pic of my set up. It is below. My fuel filter is frame rail mounted under the passenger door. My regulator is not pictured but is on the outlet of the fuel racor 2 micron filter/water seperator. Then there is a picture of my fuel pump and pre filter. I've removed the...
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    Rodney Red Radiator!

    What I used too and has served me for two Phoenix summers with no issues. Fitment was fine as well. At least with your steel fitting in an aluminum rad you'll never have to worry about them backing out accidentally. Only a concern if you want to take them out on purpose lol.
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    How do you like R&D idi parts?

    I've ordered from Mel and Justin and I am very happy with both!
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    For guys with the carter p4070

    My p4070 is back at the rear tank (I only have one 35 gallon tank). My specs say 4-8 psi, usa made carter from summit. I have mine regulated to 6 psi with an aeromotive bypass regulator. My injection pump is a 130cc pump. The gauge is by the inlet of the injection pump. It is 6 psi at idle or...
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    Post up your custom fuel pump/filtration setups....

    I agree. The facet route of pulling fuel never seemed right to me. That is a heck of a long way for that pump to pull fuel and it's all up hill. The facet is probably is probably an improvement over a 20 yo air intruding fuel system and mechanical pump - especially for starting. However I've...