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    Door panels wanted

    I'm looking for a pair of blue door panels with power windows and locks for a Brick Nose Ford. They don't have to be perfect, but I prefer them to be in decent shape.

    Chassis question

    This is about my blue Truck. The only detail that may be important that isn't the signature is that it has a Dana 50 front end. I've noticed a rattling sound that's similar to a bad shock coming from the front end. Since I was planning a trip to Colorado this weekend, I wanted to make sure that...

    Bronco Fuel Tank Install

    I decided to start on the installation of my Bronco fuel tank in my Blue Truck today. Since a lot of people ask about it, I decided to try document my progress here. I'm doing things differently than a lot/most people do so keep in mind that this is my method and yours may differ. I've been...

    Block heater FYI

    Just in case anybody's looking for a new block heater, I just bought one on Ebay that says it's a Genuine Ford part. It doesn't show the box that says Ford on it, but I bought it and I will see. It was from a seller who goes by "swagperformanceparts" and cost $69. The listing said that there was...

    1990's F250

    I thought I'd throw this out and see what happens. I had a friend call me this morning and he's wanting to buy a "1990's model F250". Engine, transmission, and cab configuration doesn't really matter. He does want it to be a 4X4 though. He didn't specify Brick, OBS, or Super Duty either. He's...

    Ex Wife- my LONG term build

    A little bit of background. I started wanting a crew cab dually in 1992. I've never searched terribly hard for one although I did have a lead or two over the years. In 2008, about a month since I took my last ride in my first F250 with a IDI (pictured below), I happened to see the top of a crew...

    Treasure Hunt

    Today, I took my truck on a treasure hunt and I did find some. I picked up a 1988 F250 Ex. cab, 4x4, ZF5, 7.3. Unfortunately, the body is too shot for me to mess with so I bought it with the intention of stripping it out and then sending it to the scrap yard. About three weeks ago, a friend sent...

    Not really a build thread

    I just thought that I'd post up some never been posted pictures of the Bronco conversion that I did back in '09 and '10. It started when I wrecked my first 1985 F250. I missed having the IDI (yes even a N/A 6.9) so I stated looking for another truck. In the mean time, I still had my 1993...

    1G alternators-a FYI

    Last year, while changing out my 1G alternator, I dropped the alternator and the charge wire touched something, shorting out the fusible link. No, I don't usually unhook the power wire until the alternator's loose and off to the side of the engine. I had gotten this one from the local Car Quest...

    Sealing the heater box

    While I have the engine out of my truck (1985 F250), I'm going to install a new A/C evaporator. It's been a few years since I've had one of those apart and really don't remember, are the two pieces of the heater box sealed together? What do you guys use to reseal them?

    Observations, comments, and gripes

    This is not a thread to try to diagnose any issues with my truck. I know that I have a vacuum leak, hence the low numbers. there's too much info here for the "What did you do with your truck today" thread so I thought I'd start a new one. Thursday, after work, I took a shower and left for...

    7.3 cooling mod

    I have no pictures because I did this to mine a couple of months ago. This is also only my experience and I've only done this once. Explanation: this mod doesn't actually increase the cooling of a 7.3 engine. This is a preventative procedure. With the 6.9 block and heads, as you're looking at...

    Machine shop aggrivations

    I had my 7.3 heads at the machine shop for a valve job including new guides. When I dropped them off, I spent about 20 minutes talking with the machinist about head thicknesses, valve recession, etc. I even wrote the specs down on a piece of paper and left it with him. He sounded like he...

    engine life

    I know next to nothing about Duramaxs. My boss has a 2008 2500hd with about 228,000 miles on it. He keeps asking me what the average engine life is. Any suggestions on what I should tell him?

    The Things You Hear

    I'm just looking for other opinions here. A couple of weeks ago, I heard a completely ridiculous thing. Keep in mind that the kid who said is full of s**t and a habitual liar. He's 21 or 22. Right now he's in the Air Force. Before that he was a certified diesel mechanic, he went through school...

    Intermittent valve problem?

    I'm working on my 1985 F250. 6.9, 4 speed, n/a, headers, typ4 cam, new bb injectors from Mel installed 6 months ago, new return line kit also from Mel installed at the same time, future plans for turbo. I went out at 6:30 this morning to put on the Moose Jr. pump I got a couple of days ago. I...

    Wild Dreams!

    Here's one for everybody. This actually a dream I had last night. I had a late 70's model Trans Am that I had put an IDI into. It was Black and gold like the Smokey and the Bandit car. It had manual control glow plugs. When I was going to give a guy a ride in it, it fired right off so I know the...

    Trasnfer cases

    Both my F250 and my Bronco have Borg-Warner 13-45 transfer cases. I've talked to a transmission shop and I know from experience that they have problems with the speedometer gears going bad. Of course mine are both bad. They are getting pretty hard to find and only going up in price. I'm getting...

    head question

    Technical question about a head. Background: a few months ago, I bought a 85 F250 with a 6.9 in it. I actually installed the engine in 1998 in the shop I used to work at. The engine was remanufactured by us. The machine shop we used didn't take any more material off of the heads than was...

    Studly advice

    I'm planning to stud my 6.9 soon. I will be pulling it out to also install a Typ4 cam and fix my oil cooler leak. I figure it will be a good time to reseal the rest of the engine since I'll just about have all of the gaskets broken loose anyway. I'm looking for some advice on installing the...

    Looking for a 6.9

    I had a guy ask me if I knew where I could find a complete running 6.9 so I said that I'd post it. He just bought a 1987 f250 that someone put a 351m in. The 351 threw a rod. He's looking to go back to the 6.9 and 4 speed like it had originally. It's a two wheel drive. I told him that if all...

    A-block crack

    The 6.9 in my Bronco is an A-block. It has the typical external crack by the block heater. I need to get this fixed, but am not sure how to get it done. I thought the only way to fix it was by having tapered plugs installed. I talked to a friend today who says that you can have it welded, but a...


    This isn't about diesels. Might not be allowed to post this, but I have to try. I found a truck called a 1976 f130 for sale about 45 miles from my house. Is it a fake? Says it was a hybrid to get around California emissions. It has 8 bolt wheels. Looks like a two wheel drive to me. Just...