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    3 temp sensors have I . . .

    Come on down to Nv. just dry, dusty, wish it would rain. In the summer when it does, it`s a gully washer, and then dry in a day or two. Should be good thru Oct, but can be iffy with snow flurries, then sunny warm, then cold etc. varies from yr to yr. Next day or two 35mph wind gust etc...
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    Rain and waiting for an engine. . . .

    Out here in the boonies of Nevada, you can have 2 sea containers on 5 acres. But a $400 permit to have permission from the County. Then they want them to be painted a tan color not to offend any one, and if they are, ya gotta build a fence around them. If you bring them in w/o a permit, they...
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    Interior factory firewall sound deadener

    One thing about Dyna-Mat is it sticks to the metal, then no way the critters can get behind it. You use a small roller to roll it into the contours of the Floor, Firewall etc... I just pulled the Seats, Carpet out of my 85 extended cab. I was looking up under the Dash and see the factory...
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    Assemble an oil cooler?

    genscripter has a unique way to pressure test a Cooler. Goat
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    Assemble an oil cooler?

    One other thing I did was to polish up the interior of the end caps so there were no rough spots. Think I used 600 grit wet dry, then advanced to maybe 2000 or something like that. Ialso searched to find a new OC to replace the old one. Lots of Dorman one`s out there, then came across a...
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    Assemble an oil cooler?

    When I did the cooler on the 86 almost 3 years ago, I used my HF 20 press. I did one end at a time. Be sure to place a piece of wood on the press for the cooler to set on. And I believe I used a piece on the pusher end as well. I used Syl-Glyde for the lube. First end popped right on. The other...
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    "Where does this go?" or "It's lost" . . .

    I read that the Valley pan drain plug is NLA. I grab them when I see a 6.9 or 7.3 in the yards. Suck when putting things together and then the... where did that part disappear to? Charlie
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    33 gal rear tank?

    I looked up the size of the 33 gallon and the 38 gallon tanks. 33 Gal. 31 7/8 X 22 1/4 X 15 3/4 38 Gal. 34 1/4 X 27 3/4 X 13 3/4 First # would be the distance between frame rails. Second# would be front to back Third# would be the depth. I have the original 19 Gal. rear tank sitting in the...
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    Rear Fuel Tank Cleaning - Dear God

    This what you are looking for? Goat
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    33 gal rear tank?

    the Spectra F26E 38 gallon tank is the same size as the stock 19 gallon tank, except it is 7 inches deeper. I have no clue how deep the Bronco tank is. It`s 4 gallons less, so what, maybe an inch or so difference? Goat
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    F350 steering box upgrade

    A manual box is great, till you are stopped and trying to turn the wheel. Or parking in a tight spot. You need to be rolling to make it easier to turn the wheel. years ago I was driving mt 67 International Harvester 1500B 1 1/2 ton truck on a gravel rutted road. Wasn`t holding the wheel real...
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    Rear Fuel Tank Cleaning - Dear God

    The 38 gallon F26E is the same size, except 7" deeper. Should fit right in there. When I got mine there is a bag with all the goodies including the longer rear bolts for the bottom straps. They were too short, by an inch or so. I looked at mine today and measured from the top cross frame to...
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    Rear Fuel Tank Cleaning - Dear God

    I mentioned I used gas for a final rinse, that was all I had at the time..Be careful with the Shop Vac., the vapors are explosive. Well so would be Lacquer Thinner. Goat
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    Rear Fuel Tank Cleaning - Dear God

    Do you know what the life span is for the Shower head? It does sit o the bottom of the tank and has a screen to filter out any thing big. I have read many threads where a piece of hose has been installed with a V cut into it so it doesn`t stick to the tank bottom when sucking fuel. But then...
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    Rear Fuel Tank Cleaning - Dear God

    About 10 year back I bought a fuel tank out of a 85 Mercedes 300D from a forum member on another forum. Those thank sit in the trunk, and are long, tall and narrow. About 1/2 way up the sides it looked like some sort of crap like chicken skin. I dumped in about 2 qts of Lacquer thinner, laid it...
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    Newer injections pump going bad? Weird symptoms. Just creeping along

    I was thinking maybe the shut off solenoid acting up. Un Plug it, and use a jumper wire from Batt pluss and touch the connector. you should hear a good solid click. You might just connect the jumper wire to it and drive around to see if it acts up. Could be a loose conection in the wire...
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    New radiator

    looks like Dubz Thermal Products is mostly on Face Book. ttps:// They make some nice looking radiators. Hey, it`s only...
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    What is this?

    If the engine has a Turbo, then it is moved to the Valve Cover. Goat
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    New member

    Welome to the forum Dave. I lurked for a long while also till I had to open my big yap one day... LOL. We use the 86 for our DD, thing runs good so far. Coming up on 317K. Goat.
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    Belt Loose, also anyone hear a knock?

    Sounds like a normal IDI Diesel. Nice clean engine...WOW! You could take up some of that slack in the Alternator belt, they all have a little floppyness to them guess because of the length. My 86 gives me fits at times trying to pry the Alternator over enough to tighten the belt. Hope the...
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    Where to get new brake line

    You are going to pay for pre formed lines for sure. Have you looked into the copper nickle alloy brake lines? The bend easy w/o kinking, rust proof etc... Eastwood has the line and tools if you want to invest in it. A 25ft roll of the brake line is $56...
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    Where to get new brake line

    I checked LMC Tuck Here is a Google search...
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    Possible air intrusion when parked uphill?

    Do you still have the factory water filter on the Firewall on the drivers side next to the brake Booster? I have read it can be a source of an air leak. When I bought my 86, it was still there but the 2 rubber hoses were connected or looped together to bypass it. I later replace these hoses and...
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    clutch slowly seems to fail

    I agree with you on this. I saw a YT Video where the guy drilled into the rod so the Set Screw had something to lock into. A drop of loc-Tite would be good here also. I like your mod where the Joint and shaft screw together much safer in the long run. I hadn`t thought about this problem, but...
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    Fuel pump not running after running out of fuel

    You do not have an in tank fuel pump in these IDi`s. The only fuel pump is on the lower driver side of the engine. It is an engine driven pump. Is this truck a factory installed IDI? or did you swap an IDI into a gasser truck? Did you add fuel after running out of fuel? Wondering if you ran...