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    Gauge Bezel question

    They will interchange. I took 1 from my 94 f150 and put it in my 92 f250. Only difference is the indicator lights. They can be changed from one to the other. 94 have air bags and 92 don't so the indicator lights are rearanged.
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    Headlights...I cant see diddly squat at night

    This is my before and after. Bought them from rock auto.
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    Headlight / dimmer switch keeps popping fuse..

    I have done this several times. Cut it at both ends, install new wire, tape to side of the harness and its done. My customers wouldn't pay several hundred in labor for a single wire, and it isn't worth the time.
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    Hard shifting

    The psom is on the back of the speedometer. The cluster needs to be taken apart to access it. There is a lot of discussion about them. There are also utube videos about fixing them if you are up for soldering small parts.
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    Windshield sealant

    Looks better than any tape job I've done on my cars. Ill have to remember to use gorilla tape if I have to do it again.
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    I have some of that style clamp. The not so cheap ones are reversible. Just pullout the clip and turn the head around. I've also used shower curtain rods to hold pedals.
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    86 6.9l water pump

    The brass brush wont do any damage to the steel. Only thing I would recommend is to block off the openings so you don't get any in the engine. The pieces could damage the new pump.
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    Power Steering Problem

    There should be a spring behind it. Probably flew out someplace.
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    Electrical problem on start (with engine temp?)

    The temp and brake lights will come on in crank position regardless if it starts or not. If it does not start you need to check the starter.
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    Can anybody tell me what this noise is?

    Possibly a cracked rotor? Could come and go according to brake temperature. The brakes might not stop smoothly either.
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    Where to find info on air conditioning install?

    If it's a 92 or newer it is a bolt on. Some wiring is already on the truck. Edit, answered too slow
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    Mine has tools parts and construction supplies everywhere and it's too cold to sort it all out. And now it has more dirt because I replaced a broken water pipe under a mobile home. Can't wait until spring.
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    spindle nut size and axle play

    I had a 4wd truck, don't remember that much play in the shaft. The socket you need is sold at autozone.
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    3G alternator help - low voltage

    Maybe one of the batteries is going bad? Or they need to be charged?
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    3G alternator help - low voltage

    If the alternator is bolted to the engine it is grounded, unless the bracket is corroded. There is a regulator and brush assembly screwed to the back of the alternator that can be replaced. That can bring it back to good as new. Only thing to watch for, there are slip rings inside that the...
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    Cold weather idling for heat

    Once it is warmed up you can let it run to keep warm. I have no problem doing it when I have to work in the cold. Just remember if the engine is cold idling will not warm it up. In freezing temps you can run 5w40 oil. It will start easier and will not hurt anything.
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    I have a black thumb but diesels are new to me...

    Pay attention what you see in a junk yard, you'll be amazed by what you can find. My truck was almost one of them. School district didn't know what was wrong, thought engine was blown so they sold it for scrap. I got it before it went. It ultimately needed glow plugs and a lift pump to run. Lots...
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    AC question - adding PAG oil

    I would add about 3 oz of oil and split it between the replaced parts.
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    I'm back in the IDI game!

    It was intended to heat the trans cooler in the radiator when the engine is cold. Not sure how effective it is. Mine was cut off when I got my truck so I have been running without it. Seems fine.
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    Intermittent wipers not working

    If that comes apart like that on a 1992 you may have helped me fix my wipers. I'm going to check mine tomorrow. Thanks
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    7.3 IDI Air Con

    Don't mind the goofy radiator setup
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    7.3 IDI Air Con

    Yes I did. Works great. I was surprised when I first compared them, but it all works.
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    7.3 IDI Air Con

    It's not electronic. It's a simple system. Controller has 2 plugs 1 vacuum connector and one cable for the temp door. My truck is also a 92 so it should be the same except possibly the belt system. The hoses I used fit a 5.0/5.8 but they fit with minor bending at the compresser.