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    F350 steering box upgrade

    I seen the super duty steering box is considered an upgrade. What exactly is better about them do they provide more steering angle. What years work the best. To install them it looks like all that needs to be done is 3 holes drilled out and it bolts right on. Or should I just stick with a...
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    Where to get new brake line

    Does anybody know where to get a new brake line that goes from the master to the tee on the drivers side wheel. Iv tried making it twice and every time it just ends in total failure. The only place iv managed to find it is in a complete set that cost 320$ witch is insane. I just need the one...
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    08 axle in 1993 f350

    So I'm putting a 2008 f250 axle into a 1993 f350. I know the axle should just bolt up my question is what adapter will I need for the brake lines and what master cylinder should I use.
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    Best clutch hydraulics

    So my slave cylinder decided to form a pinhole leak and I had no clutch for 20 miles so now I need a new one. I just need the slave but if heard there impossible to bleed so should I get the prebled kit. What brand should I go with are they any that are better than the others.
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    Random ploofs of smoke

    I just noticed that under wot acceleration usually in 4th gear there will be a large ploof of black smoke then it goes away then it comes back, it keeps going on and off. It's not really a problem but I was just wondering if that's a sign it might be time for some injectors and/or pump.
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    Lister clone Powerline 24/2

    I recently bought an engine that I believe to be the 24/2 as it says 24hp at 1000rpm. I'm trying to find some info on it like what is the valve lash, does it have an oil filter if so where, how much oil does it take, does it have a oil dipstick if so where if not how do I check the oil. It has...
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    Water temp gauge reading

    I don't have a real water temperature gauge yet and was wondering where on the factory gauge I should start getting concerned. I was towing in 3rd gear wot 45mph 2750rpm and it started getting a little warm about to the A on the gauge. I didn't have the overheat light come on but I have no idea...
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    Cruise control install

    I'm installing cruise control in my 1993 f350 and of course the only control panel I could find the wires were cut from the connector so I need to know what wires go where.
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    Newer hydroboost on older truck swap

    Anybody used the 1999 or newer hydroboost on the 97 and older trucks. I know the newer ones are all metric but it seems the older 450 units are impossible to find or really expensive while the newer ones are everywhere and cheaper. I don't know for sure but it should just be a matter of getting...
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    Detroit 6V-53 swap questions

    Has anybody swaped a 6v53 into an obs ford was interested to see what kind of room there's is. I figured the 6v53 should be a smidge shorter than the 4-53 as it's 3 cyl in a row vs 4 but not for sure on that. My main interest would be to see if there's enough room for a mechanical fan.
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    What prefilter to use

    So I'm installing a Carter p4070 and I'm trying to find a good prefilter for it. Will the little clear plastic filters work or do they not flow enough fuel. What would a good filter to use be.
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    Waste Motor Oil Distillation?

    So I found this website called that has plans for an oil still to make diesel fuel. I don't know a lot about oil distillation but it seems it would be a good way to super clean any used oil and not have to worry about filters and expensive centrifuges. Has anyone tried...
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    1993 F350 2wd uneven tire wear

    The passenger tire is very worn down on the outer edge of the tire and still brand new on the inside and the drivers tire has even wear so not real sure how to fix this. Going down the road it always wants to pull right. as you can see it looks like the space between the 2 parts are different...
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    OM606 swap questions

    So it looks like the NA 606 has a mechanical injection pump. So if I had a car that came with a na 606 would a turbo 606 be a direct swap. I would convert the electronic 606 to a mechanical pump. Or would it be easier to get a car that already has a turbo 606 and convert it to mechanical. The...
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    John Deere 6068 injection pump?

    Anybody know anything on the inline injection pumps used on this engine. I believe the pump model is John Deere 430 S2 pump/SE501758. Can the pump be turned up how reliable are these pumps.
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    7.3 idi max rpm governor screw

    Because rpm in a Diesel is controlled by fuel wouldn't removing the throttle limiting screw make the pump put out more fuel or will totally removing the screw cause something in the pump to mess up.
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    Gear oil as fuel

    Has anyone tried useing gear oil as fuel. A mine is just throwing away a bunch of brand new ep150 and ep460 gear oil and was thinking it might make a good fuel.
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    Glow plug removal tips?

    So all 8 glow plugs are bad and the truck will not start unless I use starting fluid. I don't use much just a quick spray. I know using starting fluid is bad but as of right now I can't afford to pull a head cause a g low plug snapped off. So is there any tips and tricks to remove the glow plugs...
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    DB2 vs DB4 pump

    So iv seen high flow db2 pumps and I seen high flow db4 pumps for these engines. Is one better than the other if so what is better.
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    1993 F350 electrical problems

    The truck is a 1993 Ford F350 crew cab long Bed 7.3idi 2wd. The back passenger tail light works when the headlights are off but are dim. When the brakes are pushed while the headlights are on it goes out but the driver side tailight works fine as does all the other lights. I'm thinking it's a...
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    Eso66-7b spicer 7 speed trans

    How do people like these transmissions. Was thinking about swapping one in a pickup was originally going to do a 10 speed but not having to have air in the 7 speed makes things a lot simpler. Doing a quick search it looks like they have a lot of problems and aren't as reliable as the eatons...
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    Waste Transformer Oil

    Has anyone used the mineral oil from a transformer in an idi. How well does it need to be filtered or is it already relatively pure.
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    New vs old dt466 dimensions

    Is the length, width, and height of the NGD DT466 the same as the old dt466.
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    08 front end converstion

    Will the front end of a 08-10 truck swap onto the 99-07 trucks and by front end I mean the whole core support and everything. The 08-10 truck have a few extra inches of room in the engine bay length wise because of the core support design and I would like to put it on an older truck. I plan on...
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    Modify 7.3 idi vs cummins swap

    Just looking for between 325-375hp should I modify the idi or should I just swap in a cummins