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  1. Farmer Rock

    1988 ford f450/f super duty part out

    I decided to part this truck out. I am mainly looking to sell suspension, front end, rear end (5.13), dump bed, body parts, interior, wheels and tires, pto and controls. I would like to keep the motor, tranny, hydroboost, and everything needed to swap. PM me. Rock
  2. Farmer Rock

    1988 ford f250 4x4 6.9 c6

    I am selling the 88' f250. It was swapped to a rebuilt 6.9 80k miles ago, and has a c6. Everything works, but the truck was sitting awhile so some things are a little tight. Overall pretty good shape for the area.It needs some work, but nothing that shouldn't be expected. I would do $3k for an...
  3. Farmer Rock

    bad IP??

    Evening folks! So lately the 88 6.9 has been having a little trouble. It will start immediately then billow white smoke that doesn't go away (burns the eyes and smells like fuel for sure) then dies and I have to bleed the lines a bit and it eventually starts. I haven't gotten around to fixing...
  4. Farmer Rock

    is an extended cab swap practical?

    My 1988 F superduty has a 10ft frame behind the cab, so I got to wondering about swapping on an extended cab and having enough room left for an 8ft bed. The dump bed is 8ft long, and there is over 30 inches in between cab and bed (dump bed hangs over the back 6 inches). I am just wondering if...
  5. Farmer Rock

    Stupid question about FSV

    So this whole thing started maybe 4 months ago, and I will try to explain. When I bought my f250, the PO disconnected the tank selector switch in the dash, and bypassed the rear tank, I assume that was because of a faulty pickup and they were just to lazy to fix it. So one day I got to poking...
  6. Farmer Rock

    head gasket,oil cooler O rings, or cavitation?

    Good evening folks! I am buying an F superduty (450) that has oil in the water, and water in the oil. The seller was told that it's a blown head gasket, and never ran it. I am just wondering what is the most likely cause of this? I am hoping it is just head gaskets or the O rings on the oil...
  7. Farmer Rock

    fuel tank advice

    Good evening folks! I have been torn between manual fuel tank valves with the dual tanks, or a 38 gallon rear single tank. I am definitely leaning towards the 38 gallon single tank for the simplicity of it, but am having trouble finding the complete kits. I have no problem putting it all...
  8. Farmer Rock

    paranoid with stupid question

    So when checking the coolant on my f250, it is pressurized even after sitting for a week or so. My IH never did that, so I just wanted to make sure it was normal and nothing is wrong. I always worry about stuff like this. It has done it ever since I owned it, so I just figured it is a...
  9. Farmer Rock

    What's a good aftermarket gauge cluster?

    I would like to get more accurate gauges in my f250 than the factory gauges, so I got to wondering about the aftermarket gauge clusters. I see the clusters for bullnose trucks but not for bricknose which seems backwards to me. Does anyone know of a good gauge cluster that is affordable? I would...
  10. Farmer Rock

    what doors fit?

    I was wondering if bullnose doors would fit my bricknose. I found a good deal on a set of doors off an 84' extended cab f150 but I am not sure if they fit. They look the same, but I just want to make sure, so I would appreciate if anybody could straighten me out. thanks Rock
  11. Farmer Rock

    Surging at idle and shaking.

    Good evening folks, about 3 days ago, I went to warm up my f250 and I noticed that when the high idle shut off, it omly dropped to 900 rpm and fluctuating a lot, then it starting shaking like crazy (and that says a lot for an IDI lol). I just kind of brushed it off at time since I was too busy...
  12. Farmer Rock

    6.9 head studs?

    So I have been looking through some threads on the subject, and from what I see, it is best to pull the motor, and install head studs and head gaskets when turbocharging a 6.9 . So I have a few questions. #1- is it safe to run a turbo without studs on a 6.9? #2- can some point me in the...
  13. Farmer Rock

    F350 dually towing capacity

    I am looking for a CC dually, and was just wondering what kind of weight they are rated to tow on a regular basis. I tried searching threads on this site and FTE, but every answer seems to be different. I plan on getting a truck with a zf5 and 4.10s. I know for sure it won't have any problems...
  14. Farmer Rock

    relocating GP relay

    Good evening folks, I am getting ready to relocate my GP relay on my 87' f250 and have everything all planned out, but got to wondering if I need the buzz bar or not since I am running manual GPs and will be removing the controller entirely.. I don't see why I would need it. My understanding, is...
  15. Farmer Rock

    1987 IH S1654/Beagle Pup

    Selling my 1987 International S1600 6.9 IDI, with spicer 5 speed, and 12ft steel stake side bed. The truck only has 137k miles on it. Tires, clutch, and brakes are good. Starts and runs great. I have done a ton of work to this truck. I am looking to get $2500 or trades for dually IDIs, or...
  16. Farmer Rock

    Manual fuel tank selector valves.

    Hey guys, I have been reading some old threads on plumbing manual valves in the cab for selecting tanks in place of the fsv. I am very interested in doing this after the little research I did, mostly because I can still run the dual tanks, but without the fsv. I like the idea of this, since...
  17. Farmer Rock

    The building of Beagle Pup.

    I figured I will just post this today since I need a few opinions. Beagle Pup is a 1987 International S1600 6.9 idi 5 speed spicer.I absolutely love the truck,it only has 137k miles and everything works perfectly.When I bought the truck last year,It wouldn't start for nothing,so I completely...
  18. Farmer Rock

    Anybody use a grid heater?

    Anybody use a grid heater on their IDI. I don't need it ,but I wouldn't mind having it.How long do they take to heat up?I was thinking it might be a nice thing to have. Rock
  19. Farmer Rock

    Somebody better buy this truck!

    Bullnose 4x4 daully located in Gettysburg, Pa in my neck of the woods,and if I had the money you can bet your bottom dollar I would buy this truck.Obviously not an 87' but still a beauty. Rock
  20. Farmer Rock

    What oil do you use?

    First off,I know I am beating a dead horse,and I am sorry about that:sorry::backoff:bail.I have always used shell rotella in my diesel tractors and trucks,but I have heard a bunch of guys say that these IDI's burn threw it somethin' awful,and that any other brand is better.I have heard this a...
  21. Farmer Rock

    Srw flatbed

    Hi,I am planning on using my 87' f250 as my welding truck since it's 4x4,and I am on the fence about keeping the pickup bed or making a skirted flatbed with fold down sides.I was wondering if anybody has pictures of a srw flatbed.If so,I would appreciate seeing some pictures.thanks Rock
  22. Farmer Rock

    87' 6.9 idi won't turn over.

    Good evening folks,Today I was doing an electric lift pump convervsion,and While I was looking for a good source of power to tap off of,I remembered someone telling me to use the FSS ,so I removed all three wires on the IP just to test them,and somehow the wire on the driver side furthest toward...
  23. Farmer Rock

    New guy here,just saying hello

    Hello!First I want to thank you guys for the very helpful information I have gotten from this site over the years when working on my trucks.I figured after all these years reading the forums,it's about time I become a member. I have a 1987 International s1600,6.9 IDI,5 speed,as well as a 1987...