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  1. Mark Allen

    Gaining knowledge

    Thank you all and I agree.
  2. Mark Allen

    1990 and 1994 body parts exchange?

    Good evening folks, will the front clip and doors from a 1994 Ford bronco fit on my1990 Ford Xlt 250 diesel? With little to no fabrication?
  3. Mark Allen

    Gaining knowledge

    I know as a green hand I should be looking for new threads about my problems with my tuck but I can't help but most of what I see because even though it might not be my problem at the time I will not hold my self back from gaining more knowledge about the world I have entered I still have not...
  4. Mark Allen

    1990 Ford 7.3 idi

    That was the first thing I after I found oil burners and this site 6.9 and 7.3 Ford diesels and thank you. I have also learned new interstate batteries can burn up quick not knowing what to check and prime before just cold starting after sitting for 2 years.
  5. Mark Allen

    1990 Ford 7.3 idi

    There really is a good group of people in here and think you all. Hopefully y'all will just be patient with me learning how to navigate what and where but I have allready learns alot.
  6. Mark Allen

    please welcome a new moderator......

    Welcome to the group
  7. Mark Allen

    1990 Ford 7.3 idi

    Thank all of you for the welcome in and your input. I will keep y'all updated on what I am sure will be success. And thank all of for the suggestion's.
  8. Mark Allen

    1990 Ford 7.3 idi

    Hello my name is Mark, I have a 1990 Ford Xlt 4x4 with a 7.3 idi. I bought it a few months back and just now getting around to working on it. The truck sat for 2 years before I got it and and it has not started for me yet so I figured I would start with 8 new glow plugs since someone allready...
  9. Mark Allen

    Replacing glow plugs in 1989/7.3idi

    How to replace glow plugs in 1990 7.3 idi