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  1. Exhumis


    Well guys, I sold the beast. I needed more room for activities. Guy I sold it too is not a stranger to diesels or F250s so I will send him this way. Thank you very much for the info and support over the years, this place has kinda become like a second family.
  2. Exhumis

    1994 F250 4x4 long bed, 222k, $6000obo

    Well gang the time has come. I need more interior space than she can provide. Here's her info: I’ve owned this truck for a little over two years now. I am the second owner; I purchased it from a family who used it on a farm. When I bought it she had 219k miles, she now has 222k. She was...
  3. Exhumis

    E4OD experts please chime in

    I'm beginning to understand why people hate this transmission. It's not the transmission, it's all the stupid sensors it runs off of. Here's the scene: 93 f250, replaced shift solenoid, get the truck out onto the street and she shifts better than ever, right up to 55mph and then just holds...
  4. Exhumis

    Coolant running down outside of torque convertor inspection cover

    Hey folks, Well got the beast back on the road and during the shakedown cruise I noticed the temp gage was climbing past where it normally sits, usually right on the M of normal(yes I know I need real gauges don't start)but today it was in between the A and L so I though huh and pulled over...
  5. Exhumis

    E40D Transmission gurus, slipping into neutral flashing od, no codes

    Hey oil burners, Having a sudden problem with my transmission. 94 7.3 with E40d, 100kish miles. Truck has been driving fine when suddenly it started slipping into neutral and the od light is flashing. Only way to get it back into gear is to shift lever to neutral and shut truck off and back...
  6. Exhumis

    Rewiring block heater

    Was 4 wheeling with the boy the other day and ripped the plug off the block heater. Oops. Is anyone familiar with the wiring so I can wire up a new plug? green is in the middle so I’m guessing that’s ground?
  7. Exhumis

    Places to get odd ball parts

    Looking for the little fender tabs that secure the fender skirt? to the fender over the tire, see pic.
  8. Exhumis

    Do I need new front leafs

    Been doing research and can’t find straight answer, so I come to you fellow oil burners. Do I need new front leafs? They don’t feel particularly sproingy like they’re wore out. The front has a rough country add a leaf for a modest lift. The PO told me it had a lift so that must be what he...
  9. Exhumis

    2002 F150 seats into a 1994 F250 write-up

    So I've wanted to upgrade the seat in my truck since I bought it. It had the plain Jane bench seat and was pretty wore down from farm use. The seat was still serviceable but sagged pretty good. I rebuilt the springs but the foam was worn and I wanted something else anyway. So my search...
  10. Exhumis

    AC/heat sucking in exhaust at idle/while stopped

    Searched the forums but there's tons of posts with my keywords so gave up. 94 7.3L F250. I'm assuming my issue has something to do with a blend door? When I'm sitting at a stop light almost have to shut off the AC the exhaust smell is so strong inside the cab.
  11. Exhumis

    Coffee table e books

    My pop sent me this link, there's a cool book about idi 's:
  12. Exhumis

    7.3 Bullnose for sale near me.

    Ad says a 7.3 was swapped in. Thought someone might be interested.
  13. Exhumis

    Something fun for the kiddos

    Here's something fun for the kiddos, inspired by a Ford designer and his daughter:
  14. Exhumis

    Paint the truck cap or leave it - poll

    Picked up this beaut of a truck cap for a steal off Facebook. It's just about as old as my truck, so old the manufacturer had to dig up the paper archives to find any info about it. I dig the faded tan color but am toying with the notion of painting black to match the truck. What do you guys...
  15. Exhumis

    94 F250, Bad sending unit, bad selector valve or something else?

    So I haven't had time to work on the truck for awhile, finally got time and got her started. New lift pump, new fuel filter, did the fuel heater/water in filter sensor delete, new lift pump fuel line and filter head to ip line. Had the fuel tank switch on the front tank which is full. Cracked...
  16. Exhumis

    94 NA, changed starter, cranks won't start - Update

    Hi folks, 94 NA with 220k, put in a new db electrical starter, ran and started perfect for a couple days. Have never had an issue with it starting before. Parked it and haven't driven it for a week, went out to start it and she won't start. Spins over fast, have excellent spraying fuel...
  17. Exhumis

    94 7.3L looking for air cleaner assembly duct

    Looking for the round duct/hose that runs from the rad support to the air cleaner assembly. Thanks
  18. Exhumis

    05 king ranch dies while driving, difficulty restarting

    Hi folks, Posting this for my dad, he doesn't internet. He has an 05 king ranch he uses for towing hay and equipment. It's been studded and chipped, not sure what else. He uses a tow tune when towing. He said today it just died on him while he was driving. He said he could barely get it...
  19. Exhumis

    Radiator: flush or replace with plastic spare

    So the rad in the truck needs a good flushing, the inside is pretty gooped up and altho she's not overheating I figure it's just a matter of time. My truck came with a spare radiator from a 93 that is pristine inside but is plastic, meaning the frame is plastic. I've heard lots of crap talk...
  20. Exhumis

    School me on Limited Slip Differentials

    Have a 94 with 3.55 sterling 10.25 rear end, looking at a lsd out of a 2003 f250. Seller confirmed its a 35 spline. All my research says it should fit as Ford used the 10.25 and 10.50 from the 80s all the way up till now. Since mines a 94 it has the larger yoke and pinion and longer spline...
  21. Exhumis

    Hard start in cold weather, gps good, full fuel filter

    Hey gang, kinda stumped here. Now that the weather is turning I'm having hard starts. Truck starts just fine when the weather is warm and after she's warmed up. Cold weather she cranks fine, catches and dies. I've checked the GPS, have 12.6v at the hot side, 11.6 at the switched side, 10.5v...
  22. Exhumis

    94 7.3l glow plug controller cover

    Does anyone happen to have a spare one lying around I could buy off you? PO removed the one from my truck and like a clutz I was reattaching the air cleaner housing and it made contact with the gpc shorting it out in the process, would REALLY like to avoid that again in the future.
  23. Exhumis

    What did you break on your truck today

    In the spirit of "what did you do with your truck today" I propose what did you break on your truck today. Seems like every time I fix something I accidentally break something, it's to be expected on a 25 y/o truck. This is meant to be light hearted, not serious btw. Replacing the fipl...
  24. Exhumis

    Correct way to install injector line clamps on 7.3

    94 7.3l. When I bought it the PO had installed new pump and injectors at some point but didn't put the clamps back on the lines cuz reasons. What's the proper way to put them back on? I looked in my shop manual but didn't find the answer. I'm assuming crack the lines at the injectors so...
  25. Exhumis

    Dash frame shell repair

    So my 94 dash frame shell is cracked all to heck. I think the PO only had power tools at his disposal cuz every single mount point and screw clip is busted. The light switch basically spins in place. Anyone have any ideas on how to repair it short of replacing the entire dash shell? I've...

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