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    How best to replace high-pressure power steering hose....?

    Have you tried just replacing the o ring in the fitting first?
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    E Brake Cables- question?

    I purchased mine from Tock Auto. Perfect fit.
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    Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for
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    I took my truck down for a new muffler and exhaust over the rear axle. I was quoted a little over $1000. He was also pushing for 3 in exhaust. I carry my two granddaughters and the do not like loud noise. I have to start if after they are in their seats. Where can I get an exhaust kit for my...
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    Down pipe and v clamp

    I have the squished down pipe.
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    Down pipe and v clamp

    From what I have read is the back of turbo has to be cut off and a 3in adapter welded into it. Yes I have the stock turbo. Isn’t that the ATS 93?
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    Down pipe and v clamp

    The 3 in down pipe requires your turbo housing to be modified. I want to stay with the stock size. I would prefer to replace the pipe without removing turbo, if possible. Of course I want to try just replacing the v clamp first.
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    Down pipe and v clamp

    I have a small leak where the down pipe connects to the turbo. It became very loud and I thought I had destroyed my engine. I do eve it home at about 35 mph and yesterday I tightened up the v clamp. That took care of the loud noise. I still have a small leak at the joint. I can see puffs when I...
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    Clutch bypass and cruise

    My wife has problems pushing the clutch in enough to start the truck. I am thinking about getting the clutch bypass plug. My questions are will this doable my cruise? If it will, is it possible to open it up and short two connectors to get the cruise working again? Which two connectors to short...
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    Steering gearbox

    My pro charges $50. It is in a 96 f150. Looks real clean.
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    Steering gearbox

    Thanks. Will also be easier to find. The salvage yard I go to has a ton of rangers
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    Steering gearbox

    The problem with the playin the rebuild units won’t be solved by bearings and seals. The actual gears are worn.
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    Steering gearbox

    I know up to a 96 will be a direct replacement. Is there a newer gearbox that will bolt to the frame and column and only require a pitman arm change? If so what combination? I will also look at ford based motor homes at salvage yard as they should have a lot lower mileage. Another option is...
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    Can an alternator electrically be destroyed by the engine?

    This is just a thought so don’t take it as the solution. I believe the ambulance package had battery isolator on it. A battery isolator will cause a slight drop in voltage, enough that a battery may never obtain a full charge. Is it possible that the alternator for the ambulance package is rated...
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    Not a ln idi specific question, but more of a bricknose question

    The larger of everything should be for the ambulance package. the 3 in should be for the 250 and 350.
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    Wiring Conundrum(s) II. : Brake Lights and Oil Pressure

    If you are going to rebuild the harness, just unplug it and lay it on your garage floor. Keep the same plugs and splice in the wires you need to replace. If the bulb sockets are the same use which ever are better. Add the wires for your trailer connection. Put in wire loom and tape it up. Plug...
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    Borg Warner 1356 Transfer Case Rebuild

    The push down is aluminum with a steel rod. Bad design. I can get a new one on Amazon for about $30. I’ll look for the pull over one. I just like it better.
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    Borg Warner 1356 Transfer Case Rebuild

    Is that shifter the original? My 93 shifter i have to push it down and then pull back. I would love to have yours if it would work.
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    Install 7.3 and ZF5 Together or Separately?

    That is one purty engine.
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    2WD Super Duty front brakes to match 10.5 rear axle swap wheel pattern - easy or complicated?

    Here is a template for drilling the new holes to use your own rims.
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    scan tool

    I have this device for my 2000 kenworth. It links to my iPad.
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    7.3 IDI with some issues

    with 3.55 gears in 5th gear at 2000 rpm would be around 70 mph
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    '82 f150 project

    You could send those pieces to India and they will weld it back together for ya. It will be good as new.
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    Install 7.3 and ZF5 Together or Separately?

    Say a prayer before you stab the trans. My wife and I were able to stab it in less than 10 min. Almost like it was sucked to the engine.