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    Who's smarter?

    Had several IDIs and one 6hoho everybody makes mistakes sometime just ask my wife. I used them to deliver campers all over the states ran them no less than 500,000 each. I do all my own work. I learned if it has a computer your screwed and a victim of some shop. I think if it's new it is far...
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    f350 cab and chassis Ujoints

    Broke 2 moogs ujoint and 1 ball joint in 10,000 won't wast my money on anything that says moog on it again Hauled campers for 14 yrs 100,000 plus miles per year. and what held up better than any other brand was O'Reilly's mastercraft brand. No I don't work for them.
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    Cup holders

    I went to the junkyard and picked up a console out of a ext cab f-150 or 250 don't remember for sure for $20 bucks Has 2 cup holders and a large storage area to carry more junk.
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    Putting Oil Change into the Tank

    Worked at a trucking co in Nashville in the 90s. The trucks had quick disconnects on the oil pan and a filter system that pumped the oil back into the fuel tank.
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    Anyone hotshot trucking in an IDI?

    I don't know about hotshot but I used 3 different IDI's for rv delivery. One without a turbo. Made the mistake of getting a 6.oho in a e450 ambulance then went back to a 90 f250 for dependability. 800,00 on a 89 crew, 400,00 e350 no turbo, 200,000 on 90 f250 to retirement.
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    Napa warranty from noncorporate stores?

    Quit dealing with napa when they tried to charge me $30 shipping on a $10 part to get it in in 2 days. They refused a warranty for a starter because it was purchased from a corporate store.
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    1993 E4OD torque converter

    Having both e4od and a zf5 for hauling campers for living I would have the e4 hands down. A cooler is a must and service it every 30k. Converter problems put a triple disk in but had good luck with a single disk 300k with single disk 150 with a zf5 Do your own work trans work shops rip you off.
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    Anyone hotshot trucking in an IDI?

    I run a 90 f250 ats turbo and retarder on the drive line delivering new campers out of Indiana. Used a f350 crew for 5 yrs with a banks and a auto. Hauled bumper pulls 5th wheels and goose necks all over the US (Not california they aren't in the US.) Just got rid of a 06 ford with a 6.0 tired of...
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    1994 F350 idi..... with a gear vendor o/d and an exhaust brake

    Had a lot beter luck out of e4ods after a proper rebuild. I've driven manuals and autos going on 45 yrs and the zf5 has not held up with proper maintenance As well as others. I drive over 120,000 miles a year and so far I've only gotten 50,000 out of 2 of them. As far as the 4x4 it's just one...
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    1994 F350 idi..... with a gear vendor o/d and an exhaust brake

    To bad Its 4x4, Bought a 90 ext cab f250 with a gear vender zf5 with a driveline retarder (electric brake) and a ats turbo. with 140,000 for 4200. Hate the zf but love the rest of the truck.
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    Really wishing I had a zf5...TPS sensor.

    Wish I had anther e4od I detest the zf5 almost as much as driving a chevy. The 2 tps's I got from Ford for my E40d I could never get right. The cheap amazon worked great. Get your voltages correct or it will never shift right. One of the other problems I found was the shifter switch on the...
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    1992 E350 7.3 newbie trans questions

    e4od up to 93 will work. Some 94s will work but it has to have a machined gear on the output shaft. If it has a removable plug on the tail shaft pull it and see if it has the gear. The 94 without it won't work because the speed sensor is part of what tells the trans when to shift and it's on the...
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    Stella, the 6.9, needs a/c

    Stay with the v belts, I lost a engine due to a serpentine belt that took out upper and lower radiator hoses, trans cooler lines wiring for charging and starting and overheated in about 50 feet. As far as the ac replace the accumulator and orifice tube and flush the system. Make sure you have...
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    7.3 serpantine belt swap

    Serpentine set up is aligned right but after trying different belt types the Dayco seems to hold on better. The gates didn't work well witch surprised me, usually have good luck out of them. Still have better luck out of V belts. Helps if you have a 15mm socket on the side of the road in the...
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    7.3 serpantine belt swap

    Stay with the v belts my e350 and f250 both have serps and if it rains they throw a belt if you have a return line leak fuel they throw a belt and no power brakes or steering with a 10,000 lb trailer in a panic stop. 89 f350 has v belts and I wish the other 2 had them also. Also putting a...
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    Forde E350 short school bus 7.3L IDI - surging at idle

    I'm not dissing the idi technology or the website I think its great and I've learned a lot from it. Worked on semi's till they started putting computers on them a saw it was going to be nothing but trouble. Got back around them years later and found that shops charged $400 to $1000 just to...
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    Forde E350 short school bus 7.3L IDI - surging at idle

    As far as older cars and trucks on long trips, I make a living hauling rv's across the us I use a 89 f350 crew cab with 400,000 miles now, started with 80,000 3 yrs ago. Had the normal problems, Alternator, vacuum pump belt, fan clutch twice, and a ignition switch, and return line o rings more...
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    Why did my 7.3 not like ether today.

    propane is a catalyst to get diesel fuel at 100% I run propane injection on all the diesels I've had. Have not tried to run it without diesel. As far as starting when you run out a rag soaked in gas is the best way. Started my e-350 that hadn't run in 5 yrs easily in 5min and hit the 3rd revolution.
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    new ip and injectors now wont start

    Never use Ether (Never,Never,Never) Take a rag and soak in gasoline put it over the intake or against the air cleaner pickup. Ether drys out cylinders (no lube,) if you have a working gp controller it can cause a expensive explosion. And setting money on fire is better than buying junk from...
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    Cheap pyrometer I like this one over the analog and the plus side I have it programed to shut off my propane injection off at a set temp.
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    Underbody Toolboxes

    Stay away from the tractor supply boxes the sticker last 10 times longer than the paint and they leak like a siv. and the hatch system had to be replaced 2 months in.
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    Sell my 7.3 idi or keep it

    I deliver new campers with a 89 crew with a banks turbo, I added the turbo. I pull campers dry weight 5k to 11k all over the us. Started with it na and added the turbo, pulling the Pennsylvania and rocky mountains the worst I've gotten down to was 45 mph at 230 water temp and 1125 egts with...
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    Re treaded tires?

    Been running retreads from tire recappers of Nashville for years 90,000 on rear of my dually hauling trailers for a living. Can't beat the price or the longjevity and good guys to deal with. Watch the tire psi and they go a long time.