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  1. chicken bones

    WTB Clean ‘93-94 Ford F250/F350 IDI 4x4

    The Unicorn , bought it new in 1994 , drove it to 2023. Sorry not for sale.
  2. chicken bones

    Simple turned hard

    I did not have the rust , but had to find the leak on my truck . Replaced the front window it was leaking in several location , remove outside trim , soapy water & blow air from inside around the seal. After window replaced and sealed , still had a leak . Removed interior sun visor , soaped...
  3. chicken bones

    Body mounts

    I did the S&B Silcone , very good product, comes complete with all hardware. I had to zip cut some of the old bolts. Expensive but very nice ride, I recommend .
  4. chicken bones

    IDI guy from Vancouver island Canada

    Welcome , I have the same Truck . The factory turbo Truck is rare and totally worth fixing. I have owned mine since new and fixed pretty much everything on this Truck myself aside from the Transmission rebuild. You will find this site to be very helpfull , these engines need all eight glow plugs...
  5. chicken bones

    Help Troubleshooting - Lope / Surge at Start

    I recently put new injectors / Pump & return lines on my Truck and I have the same problem. I was not inpressed with how easy my return lines went onto the plastic cap or the clamps for that matter. I'm going to replace my mechanical lift pump next. if your running OEM fuel filter head , check...
  6. chicken bones

    Stripped injector base?

    The injector has a crush washer , only to be used once. Torque to 34 ft lbs.They have too be seated properly or they can leak & let combustion gasses pass. I recently change my injectors , I did have to get one replaced because it was leaking . Very odd that three would just start leaking if you...
  7. chicken bones

    Trying out my DTI timing unit

    There are many posts on this , if it reads - 20 it not postioned correctly . These things are very finicky I would suggest purchasing there timing light for this unit. I gave up on my probe had the same problems you are having. The timing light works . Good luck.
  8. chicken bones

    DTI 3300 timing issues

    Try setting it on low trigger. make sure the grove on harmonic dampner is clean. If that does'nt work buy the Timing Light. I never got my Probe to work , the Timing Light works.
  9. chicken bones

    No reading on the DTI 3300s

    No,your not - 20 deg. Its mentions if your probe is not connected properly it will read -20 . You still have no probe function, had same issue when I did get it to read something it jumped all over map. Gave up on the Probe bought there light. The Light has an advance so you set it to 8.5 deg ...
  10. chicken bones

    No reading on the DTI 3300s

    I had the same problem , but it read - 20. Be sure to power the unit before you plug in Probe . ( read the fine print ) says you can damage the probe if you dont ? I would put the trigger point on low. Never did get my to work so I bought the Timing Light, much easier . Make sure the grove on...
  11. chicken bones

    Leaking windshield

    i had my window replaced because it was leaking , after that I was still getting water on the floor. found I also had a seam leak up on the gutters above the doors. They way to check this is to remove the inside visor, soap the seam them blow compressed air in the hole where the Visor came off ...
  12. chicken bones

    Question about timing with the Tech-Time 3300 - high or low trigger point setting?

    just make sure you power the machine before plugging in probe. I never got my probe to work propperly with high trigger , bought the timing light , finding it works better with the low trigger point , and much easier to use then the probe.
  13. chicken bones

    Hood to cowl seal

    Just put one on my 1994, Rock Auto .
  14. chicken bones

    What is the fix?

    I have the same issue , I replaced my oil cooler which is right above you oil filter but mine leaks where the oil cooler header meets the block. Replacing the oil cooler is a messy job. Drain the oil , remove filter. drain the coolant from Rad , theres a plug above oil filter to drain the...
  15. chicken bones

    DTI Tech Time on the way!

    Yes , I bought the DTI light , I thought there might be a Deg. read out on the Light it self . Looking forward to trying this out , thanks so much for very clear instruction.
  16. chicken bones

    DTI Tech Time on the way!

    I recieved my timing light today , has no instructions . The two red buttons on the Timing light are for adjusting the timing while in use so you can see how far your off 8.5 deg. ? Also the instruction say no offset required when useing Light, when I turn my unit on its at 20 offset . Do I need...
  17. chicken bones

    DTI Tech Time on the way!

    This is going to be the first time I have ever successsfully timed one of these Pumps,one more question. I think I know the anwser. I take it you want an engine that is warmed up , so high idle / timming advance is off ? I cant recall if this was allready mentioned.
  18. chicken bones

    DTI Tech Time on the way!

    Excellent , very good information,thank you . I have installed R&D 80cc Pump , and R&D injectors , also replaced glow plugs / glow plug connnectors , fuel return kit and Fuel filter. Justine at R&D suggested timming at 7 deg. ? I have static timed the pump , the Truck seems to run very good ...
  19. chicken bones

    filter head return valve

    When my Filter was draining as yours is , it was an o Ring at the heater plug . Took it apart replaced problem solved , many here have just deleted the heater plug all together.
  20. chicken bones

    DTI Tech Time on the way!

    I decided to purchase the DTI Timing light , because I am not having much luck with the probe. Do I need to bring the engine up to 2000 rpm with the timing light to get a proper adjustment ? any other tips on using the light ? Thanks.
  21. chicken bones

    Tech-Time 3300 ??

    I was using the right hole and it in all the way.Might have to try a timing light instead.
  22. chicken bones

    Tech-Time 3300 ??

    Well I tried agian , when I rev it up i was getting lower numbers , but negative. when I shut down the truck , the unit read -7. So i thought i would try moving the pump a dime width toward driver. Same results all kinds of negative numbers when i shut it down it displayed -15.3. Also when...
  23. chicken bones

    Tech-Time 3300 ??

    No. 1 passenger side by the Radaitor with the pulse adaptor. Instructions also say " if the magnetic probe is not close enough to flywheel or is not connected properly, timing unit will display the correct RPM but the degrees shown will be the negative value of the offset programmed into the...
  24. chicken bones

    Tech-Time 3300 ??

    I did turn it to off set and it was already at 20 high setting ,then too probe , started Truck got 650 rpm and - 20 degrees. After reading instruction I may of had the probe hooked up before the battery connections , which in the fine print it tells you not to do. Hope that did not damage it. I...
  25. chicken bones

    Tech-Time 3300 ??

    The engine starts great and runs good , but unfortunatlyI have a small fuel leak coming off the back of the R&D pump. I can't see where its leaking from, I was thinking ill cover it with powered chalk then look for the sourse of the leak, hope its not the pump. If its the injection lines i...

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