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    01 SD Crew Cab w/ 6 doors

    What radius arms are you using on that front axle? Custom made? Its looking great!! nice to see some more progress on it.
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    Doomsday Dually Project

    You think it will heat the fuel too much? Wes was who I got that idea from. But that is something to think about, it may not be able to shed enough heat that way. If that is the case then he will have to come up with dedicated returns for both tanks. I am no help with that. I only have one tank.
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    Doomsday Dually Project

    do you still have a mechanical fuel pump? Those failing while rare can lead to fuel in the oil, it happened to me. If you dont have a mechanical fuel pump then maybe you have an injector sticking open and washing down a cylinder. If you can try to figure out what cylinder the noise is coming...
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    Doomsday Dually Project

    Since you have two tanks, to keep it more simple, take the regulator return and tee it into the supply side of the pump. The pump wont know a difference and all that fuel stays out of your return system to the tank. There are a lot less parts that way too.
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    Doomsday Dually Project

    to much pressure in the return system can mess u your IP too. That may be part of why it is getting so hot. the fuel is not flowing through it fast enough. Not sure what is causing the spark though. put your regulator down by your pump and filters. and tie it back into the supply before the...
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    Project: asmith

    No I havent the headliner in my truck is all warped, not just the fabric, the actual backing. And crew cab headliners are super hard to find, plus I have been super busy. Its on the list of things to do, but i need a headliner first.
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    Project: asmith

    Its is great!! I really need to update this thread but I keep forgetting to. I daily drive it anywhere from 5-150 miles a day hauling supplies and tools and whatever else I need. Just did a new turbo, injection pump, injectors, down pipe and the your up pipe this past summer. She makes good...
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    do the lights help bring the mice in? I thought it would keep them away.
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    Monroe gas Magnum

    I think Fox and King are going to be your best performing, but most expensive by a lot. I have heard if you go with Bilstein you want their 5100 series, but I have never run any of them so cant comment from personal experience. From what I hear Rancho, Bilstein and Monroe are all pretty close.
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    Someone go get it!!!

    I heard that most people were pretty disappointed with that V8 Cummins. guess it wasn't quite the motor that Cummins made for Dodge. :dunno
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    Fuel system

    I don't have any experience with the sump, but I did my fuel system like you drew up. I put my pump and filters as close as i could to the tank because they don't really like to pull fuel. I used 6 an lines for everything. It has worked great for me. Never any issues until my no name pump went...
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    2001 E350 brakes

    While I cant help with your swapping question, Disc brakes absolutely shed heat better than drums. That is why all race cars and performance cars use them. They shed heat better and resist fade better. Drums take longer to heat up, but once they do they take a really long time to cool back...
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    Unique E350 Auction Find

    I think they are cool. I would definitely drive it. That one is clean too. A lot of those have been let go and are falling apart. It may not be as useful as a straight up truck, or a regular van, but I still like them.
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    KansasIDI’s 1986 Ford F250HD 7.3L IDI

    These trucks just have a lot of blow by. Thats just the way the rings are even when they are in good shape. some guys put in new rings that seal way better, I am blanking on the name right now, total seal or something like that. Suppose to cut the blow by way down. I dont know if there are any...
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    Batteries 100% drained dead - new problem

    So in your pictures, everything is off? doors are closed key is out of the ignition? Then you have a draw somewhere. One thing you can do to try and narrow it down is with you test light still hooked up, start pulling fuses one at a time. when your test light goes off you will know what circuit...
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    Project Thread: 1986 F250 “Farm Truck #1” Build Thread

    I am just jealous of your forklift!! that thing is sweet.
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    Gas in the tank...

    That little bit of gas shouldn't hurt it at all. I wouldn't even drop the tank. just siphon most of it out and fill it with diesel. these old diesels wont care. my brother accidently filled his sportsmobile with a 6.0 with gas coming off a 72hour shift as a fireman. the dealership didn't do...
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    01 SD Crew Cab w/ 6 doors

    So are you swapping the body and everything over to the F-650 Chassis? How hard is it to make the body fit?
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    So what did you do with your truck today?

    A lot of guys put antifreeze in the tire with the water. keeps it from freezing and helps keep it from rotting the rims out. Works real well from what I hear. Out here it doesn't get cold enough to worry about freezing the tires. Shoot you can get away with straight water in your cooling...
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    "Tank" my 91 Crew Cab Dually

    you should look up Bad Dog drill bits. watch some if their videos on Youtube. if they hold up half as well as they claim they would be amazing. they are not cheap though. I havent used them, but am thinking about it.
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    Hard start, not fuel return[?]

    Just wires are like $90. the kit to swap it over to manual is $225 yes it is expensive, but put it together yourself with top quality parts and it wont be much cheaper.
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    Hard start, not fuel return[?]

    I agree 30 seconds is way too long and they were dead the first time they ran that long. If somebody ran autolites before you they burn up quick even when nothing is wrong. Since you are having so much trouble with this I would recommend a couple things. First get some new plugs, either the...
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    Knocking engine

    This is my question too. Do you know for a fact there was zero compression in that cylinder, or it just sounded like it?
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    Your thoughts and experience with bio diesel blends.

    Well after writing my post i was curious enough I went and looked it up. A pretty good read about the difference between biodiesel and Renewable diesel basically they are made from the same...
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    Your thoughts and experience with bio diesel blends.

    All the stations around me have switched to some sort of biodiesel. I tried to avoid it, but the station I go to most and has the best price around is a 76 and they switched to what they call Renewable Diesel. not exactly sure what it is. their website says it is 100% renewable made from...

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