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  1. kbenz

    I just noticed there are loads of cheap zd9 glowplugs on ebay

    I'd say fake looking at the crimp
  2. kbenz

    Caution " Oh Reallys" alert

    I get my starters and alternators rebuilt. Them places give a lifetime warranty cause you're gonna need it
  3. kbenz

    Caution " Oh Reallys" alert

    Yeah. I usually look up the part number before I go
  4. kbenz

    Project: IDI International Travelall

    Old thread but I have a question as I'm looking to do the same. Did you install the windshield before or after the raptor liner?
  5. kbenz

    Heater core shutoff

    My "old air" heat and ac for my 64 gmc came with one that uses a cable
  6. kbenz

    New insight in IDI burning WMO - need high compression or turbo

    Rug will thin the oil better. Not sure if that will help you or not but thinner oil can't hurt
  7. kbenz


    Looking at a 73 c50 with the elusive 20" wheels. I've been reading that semi truck wheels will bolt up? Which are the best to go with? This will be a work truck, nothing fancy. Thanks
  8. kbenz

    Coked injectors

    Just curious but how are you processing your wmo?
  9. kbenz

    recommenred 12 v auxilary fuel pump for waste motor oil

    Careful tightening the 3 top nuts
  10. kbenz

    ZF5 rebuild preferences? DIY, rebuilder, etc.

    good bit of work in a zf6 swap from what i understand
  11. kbenz

    Zd29s vs Zd9s...for the inquiring mind...

    So what was the final verdict on the Z29's? They good or a no go? I'm needing to get some soon
  12. kbenz

    clutch heim joint mod success

    mines been fine for several years now
  13. kbenz

    1989 F350 Equipped with Holmes twin boom wrecker

    I have a wheel lift under mine. Needs top cylinder rebuilt
  14. kbenz

    Easiest 4x4 conversion?

    I have a 93. So a 92-94 would work? Gas or diesel matter any?
  15. kbenz

    rv 460 fuel pump

    87 E350 460 RV. I believe the fuel pump is in tank? If it is can I add an inline on the frame if the one in the tank isn't working or do I need to pull the tank?
  16. kbenz

    Inline vs plug block heater

    Inline has been working fine for me
  17. kbenz

    pre fill oil filter?

    I always have on everything I could
  18. kbenz

    no heat

    I put a 90 model pump on it and it's working now. It had a 96 on it. has the two outlet/inlet already on it. Must be the way they plumbed them. All good now :)
  19. kbenz

    no heat

    I have a 96 motor stroked to a 383 in my 64 gmc. 20,000miles approx. Put a serpentine setup on about 3 months ago (along with new water pump) Motor seems to be cooling fine but I have no flow coming out of the pump for the heater. I can put a hosepipe to the return side and water flows out the...
  20. kbenz

    Trying out my DTI timing unit

    That's the same one I just bought. $195 plus shipping and tax
  21. kbenz

    Trying out my DTI timing unit

    Sorry about the thread hijack. Just realized I had done it
  22. kbenz

    Trying out my DTI timing unit

    Would this work?
  23. kbenz

    Trying out my DTI timing unit

    How much more is that?
  24. kbenz

    Trying out my DTI timing unit

    I'm thinking on getting one of these. What timing light?
  25. kbenz

    Dual tanks 2nd gen 12v

    I had both my returns plumbed to my umo tank. Til realized how much went back there. I could almost watch the fuel gage move when on diesel. My diesel tank is not to clean for sure either