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  1. ZWilson07

    Checking In

    Was just checking back in guys. Haven’t been on here too much since selling my low mileage bricknose years ago. Sad to see some of the ones we lost while I was away. Crazy how things change over 6 years. Been married 4 years now and have a 7 month old. Looking to get back into the IDI game...
  2. ZWilson07

    Clean 83-86 F350

    Like the title states looking for an 83-86 F350 4x4 but must be clean. Don’t expect perfection for the age but something in pretty reasonable shape. Would accept a 2wd dually in some instances. Trying to get back in the game since getting rid of my low mileage bricknose. Don’t mind paying a...
  3. ZWilson07

    WTB 83-86 Crew Cab Diesel

    I am looking to get back into the IDI game. Specifically looking for an 83-86 crew cab diesel! I will settle for a 2wd dually if the price is right to justify the 4wd swap but would be nice to just get a 4wd srw from the get go if possible. I was thinking about only sticking to the...
  4. ZWilson07

    Redline Detection Cooling System Test Kit

    Like the title states, brand new cooling system test kit, never used and still with brand new warranty. $215 Shipped and Insured
  5. ZWilson07

    6.9/7.3 IDI Freeze Plug Tool. Never Used

    Like the title states, freeze plug tool for the 6.9/7.3 idi. Never been used. Essential tool when having to replace the particular style of freeze plugs on an IDI. $350 Shipped and Insured
  6. ZWilson07

    J33300 Timing Meter (Great Shape)

    Like the title states I am putting up my J33300 timing meter for sale that is in great shape. It also the "green" display model which is in fact the model you want instead of the "red" display. $300 shipped and insured.
  7. ZWilson07

    1990 Factory Repair Manuals (Great Shape)

    1990 Factory Repair Manuals In really good shape and the pages are very clean and clear. Econoline, Bronco, F Series, Gas and Diesel together. $175 shipped and insured.
  8. ZWilson07

    7.3 IDI Fuel Filter Reminder

    Just a reminder guys to check your fuel filter from time to time, the water separator, etc. I just went through the worst time ever draining it, getting my bottom separator off, and getting my actual fuel filter off. I ended up having to stab the filter with a screw driver to finally get it off...
  9. ZWilson07

    Manual Window Frame Support

    1990 Bricknose Manual Window Frame Support and Removal I had been noticing that when rolling down my driver's side manual window that when it got to the bottom it would start to bow the rubber support and window frame inward towards me and would cause the window to shift towards the rear of...
  10. ZWilson07

    Anyone Put A Turbo CDR Setup on an NA 7.3 IDI?

    Like the title states has anyone done this or can it be done? I have read it can help with the cavitation issue on the back cylinders but really if anything would just make it a lot easier to access and change. I may be way off base here because I don't know how the actual CDR is setup on...
  11. ZWilson07

    Wheel Hop Issue On Take Off?

    Wheel Hop/Axle Wrap Issue On Take Off? Hey guys just had a quick question on my 90. I started noticing last year that I started to get a small amount of wheel hop/axle wrap from the rear when going from a start, but if I eased the clutch out and just went slow it wouldn't do it. Mainly just...
  12. ZWilson07

    Any Stock Radio Experts In Here?

    Do any of you guys work on our stock radios and go through them at all? Or possibly have an original I can buy that still works? The original one in my 90 has finally stopped working, it shows up green and such but no longer displays the digits or puts out good sound, just background noise...
  13. ZWilson07

    D50 Rebuild Parts

    I have a good amount of front end parts for the D50 still brand new in the box. 1. 2 Moog Tie Rod Ends (ES2728L and ES2727R) 2. 2 Moog Upper Ball Joints (K80026) 3. 2 Motorcraft Lower Ball Joints (MCS-10383) 4. 3 Moog Front Axle Shaft U-Joints (231) 5. 2 Timken Wheel Bearings and...
  14. ZWilson07

    CnC Lengths for 6.0?

    I was just curious does anyone know off the top of their head what lengths the cab and chassis came in for the regular cab 03-07 4x4 trucks? Thinking about picking up a 6.0 one for work on the farm and the flatbed would come in real handy for that. I didn't know if it was like the older...
  15. ZWilson07

    Need Info On Bullnose/Slantnose Purchase

    As some of you all may have seen, I am in the market for another idi. I am wanting a crew cab 4x4 F350 slantnose/bullnose this time with the 6.9 to put along side my 90 but I just had a few things to clear up. Would you all recommend staying only to the 85/86 trucks since that is when the mid...
  16. ZWilson07

    Bullnose/Slantnose Diesel Picture Thread

    Starting up a specific Bullnose/Slantnose picture thread. Try and keep the discussions to a minimum and more on the pictures of everyone's setup. If you do decide to quote or ask a question, be sure to edit out the pictures themselves when you quote so as to not clutter up the thread. 2 or...
  17. ZWilson07

    Bricknose Diesel Picture Thread

    Starting up a specific Bricknose picture thread. Try and keep the discussions to a minimum and more on the pictures of everyone's setup. If you do decide to quote or ask a question, be sure to edit out the pictures themselves when you quote so as to not clutter up the thread. 2 or 3...
  18. ZWilson07

    OBS Diesel Picture Thread

    Starting up a specific OBS picture thread. Try and keep the discussions to a minimum and more on the pictures of everyone's setup. If you do decide to quote or ask a question, be sure to edit out the pictures themselves when you quote so as to not clutter up the thread. 2 or 3 pictures of...
  19. ZWilson07

    Picture Threads?

    Hey guys I asked Mel about this and tried searching but I don't think we have any actually picture threads solely broken down by generations and for our trucks. I thought I have seen some before on here but I can't seem to find them again. Does anyone else know if we have these setup in the...
  20. ZWilson07

    Items for 2 inch Lift

    Hey guys I am wanting to make my F250 to F350 height. Just trying to track down the final items that I will need over the christmas break here. For the rear is the only thing I am going to need is the F350 block, new u bolts and hardware and that's it? Nothing as far as driveshaft or...
  21. ZWilson07

    Which Stanadyne Additive?

    I have been talking to Mel and going to be calling them up and ordering soon, but I was just curious if anyone else had any info before I gave them a call just to give me a general idea. First thing is first, seems like when I search it comes up with two different things. 1...
  22. ZWilson07

    Anyone Using Amsoil EaO99

    Like the title states is anyone using this oil filter on a stock 7.3 idi style setup? I know it has been posted a lot about being able to use PSD filters on our trucks that hold an additional quart but I just wanted to make sure that it will fit in the stock location. Mine is just the...
  23. ZWilson07

    Cowl Drain Rubber Seal

    Hey guys I just had a quick question. Finally got back to working on the truck and also have been installing windows in my garage to get some light and air flow in finally. So i've been back and forth on those, but with the high heat here in KY; it has slowed me down. I was taking my cowl off...
  24. ZWilson07

    Finally Back

    Hey guys, I was just checking in. Some of you may have noticed, although probably not since I wasn't a big poster to begin with; but I have been off the forum for many months now. I unfortunately suddenly lost my father back in May which was quite difficult for me. Being just now 23, still...
  25. ZWilson07

    Need Help Fast, Got To Have My Truck Up Tomorrow

    I had a leak coming down the passenger side wall underneath the heater box. The foam behind it is trapping all the water. What do you all think it could be? Heater core leaking? Does the dash need to be removed? My cell is 5024281542 if anyone can text, I only get enough service in my...

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