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    6.9 junk yard find!

    yeah thats what i planned on doing was leaving the lines on it. i live in the cincinnati ohio area
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    6.9 junk yard find!

    when i got the injector pump i was going to take the injector lines off with it. i was thinking maybe the vacuum pump too? if i had the money and place to store the engine id snatch it up but i dont = /
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    6.9 junk yard find!

    i found my first idi in a junkyard the other day! i was wondering if anyone could help point out any parts i coul dpossibly get off of it that would be life savers in the future? i asked how much they wanted for the injection pump and they said $35 that didnt sound too bad. so i would have...
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    IDI sale

    is the turbo kit still for sale?
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    electric fuel pump for wmo?

    i was curious if an electric fuel pump would work for filtering wmo? i was going to setup up a couple filters for it to push through but i didnt know if an electric feul pump would have enough grunt to push it throught the filters or if it would hurt anything or what would happen? just wanted...
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    91 F350 ext. cab for sale $1800

    whats the condition of the turbo kit? what all is included whats missing?
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    91 F350 ext. cab for sale $1800

    do you have a turbo kit you would like to sell seperate?
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    how do i adjust shift points?

    where do you get a vrf if you need one? mine is doing the exact same thing.
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    6.9l diesel enging with Hypermax Pulse turbo

    how you u lookin to get for the turbo and everything?
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    Bored at Work

    ive been sitting here looking through the forum as i do almost everyday at work wish it was more enteresting then what yall are up to
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    Big Ed's Cummins ready to install, pics

    so does meijer know your doing advertising for them? hahaha i happened to notice that where you covered the inlet to the turbo it says meijer like u purposely did it haha LOL
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    how hot is too hot?

    i have noticed that going up a steep grade pulling nothing that it does shoot up to 205 210. but i havent pulled anything yet to no what temps i would have.
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    how hot is too hot?

    im just curious how hot these engines should run? at about 60 mph my trcuk is turns 2600rpms and gets up to about 200degrees is that okay? this is when its about 60degrees outside.
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    So what did your truck get for Christmas

    good luck with the turbo install! my truck got a brand new single door husky tool box!
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    high idle assistance.

    i moved the one that if for the temperature gauge in the gauge cluster. not the warning light. its the one on the drivers side in the front under the radiator hose.
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    crankin fuel!! how much?

    hey yall im not too far from yall im in cincinnati
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    high idle assistance.

    do you have to have the diode in place or can you just make sure the solenoid gets 12v? i currently have a mechanical temp gauge where the temp sensor was. is this not advancing my timing anymore? sorry if im hijacking this thread im just trying to understand
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    engine wobble at 1200rpm?

    it happens if i hold it at that rpm anything lower or higher its fine.
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    Greetings and Salutations!

    good luck! and welcome to the forum! the coffee can thing is a big joke between me and my friends. where are you located some one of us my be able to help you in the future?
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    engine wobble at 1200rpm?

    i was just curious and wanted to make sure im not crazy cookoo haha. but at lets say about 1200rpm my engine kinda wobbles i would say its rediculous but u can tell in the cab. i was curious on if it might be missing or something? im new to diesels and trying to learn. it has a terrible exhaust...
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    headlight switch

    these headlight switches are a ***** i must say. you gotta be careful as noted in several other posts. just recently this week i started my truck to warm up went inside then got back in to leave. i pull the switch and the whole truck shut off. and i mean EVERYTHING the engine all lights radio...
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    rubberm hose from tank to lift pump okay?

    thanks for everyones posts. im going to buy the rubber fuel hose tonight and probably install it. unfortunately the low tonight is supposed to be 27 :dunno
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    rubberm hose from tank to lift pump okay?

    where can i get this better fuel hose? theres no place that i know of around here in less someone near cincinnati knows? i was just going to use standard fuel hose till later down the road and i get a bigger tank for the truck
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    Couple general questions

    i was having problems with hard starts as well till i noticed a slight leak at the return lines that you couldnt see in less you were up close and personal and that was what you were looking for. once i got into that can of worms almost all of my o rings were dry rotted and cracked.
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    rubberm hose from tank to lift pump okay?

    Ive been plague with fuel leaking from my rear tank and the FSV glitching up and only sending the return to the rear tank so i was curious if i could run rubber hose straight from the front tank to the lift pump. then from the returns to the return on the front tank with rubber hose. is this...

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