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    Shifter movement

    I have a 86 f350 6.9 turbo 2wd cab/chassis. I have noticed while driving that the shifter will move when the gear box is in third gear which will move when i give it fuel or let off . It does not make any noise . Has anybody had this issue or know if this is going to be a big problem?
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    Ring and pinion

    Pulled the diff cover off a few days ago and found that the ring gear is in bad condition due to a large amount of rust and bad pits . I have looked at replacement parts. I have found many different brands of ring and pinions on the market. Have not found ford parts on the market. Can anyone...
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    It's alive

    86 F-350 6.9 IDI aftermarket turbo 4spd man trans. Installed repaired parts for fuel system. Followed instructions in a post by Mel about the IP and injector install . Once done motor started instantly and sounds grate. Back to the part that the truck has been in the family it has just under 29k...
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    86 F350 cab and chassis 2wd man trans. turbo

    Working the bugs out after sitting 12 plus years, maybe 15 years . First start up after getting as much of the fuel system cleaned up and ready to go the motor sounds grate. After a few start ups all went down hill. Pulled IP and injectors. Prep IP for shipping and found a lot of unidentified...
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    86 f 350

    Have had the 86 6.9 running after 12 or more years. Has been grate to here it run after all these years. Motor sounds very good to start with but that did not last long as the fuel system looked like the Valdez ran a ground. Did know that fuel can come out of so many places. To start with the...
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    86 f350 6.9 cab/chassis

    Have become the owner of this 86 f350 6.9idi cab and chassis which has a flat bed . The last insurance card i could find was in2008. It has been sitting. Does have dual tanks of which the rear tank has never been hooked up. Grand parents owned the truck new. Has 28800 ish miles. Has any one ever...

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