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  1. gnathv

    Dorman Vacuum air pump testing Rockauto

    Yes, this is at idle, 650rpm
  2. gnathv

    Dorman Vacuum air pump testing Rockauto

    17 is low. This is what I had when I replaced my pump with a used one. Are you checking right out of the pump or at the distribution block?
  3. gnathv

    My answer to "shower heads"

    Diesel breaks down the galvanization and it goes through pump and injectors. It will cause problems.
  4. gnathv

    My answer to "shower heads"

    Don’t use galvanized in diesel, it will cause problems. Change it to brass.
  5. gnathv

    fuel lines to fuel bowl?

    I think these are what you’re looking for. This picture is from Riff Raff.
  6. gnathv

    Make the AC better!!!

    If your pressures are correct your compressor is working as it should. If your pressures are low then I’d suspect a worn out compressor. How do you compare to these pressures?
  7. gnathv

    Painting steel wheels

    When I’ve painted wheels with the tires on, I will take dishwashing detergent and coat the side walls of the tires. After the paint has dried overnight just wash the tire, the paint overspray is sitting on top of the dried dishwashing detergent. I do still use cardboard to shield as much as...
  8. gnathv

    B pedal slowly going to floor w/eng running

    Passenger rear, driver rear, rabs valve, passenger front, driver front
  9. gnathv

    B pedal slowly going to floor w/eng running

    Are you bleeding the RABS unit? It’s located on the frame at the drivers feet.
  10. gnathv

    Barely any A/C

    Is any air coming out of the defrost at windshield or is it all coming out of dash vents?
  11. gnathv

    So what did you do with your truck today?

    On Rockauto, look up a 1990 ford and call it a “fuel pump strainer”. It’s Delphi FS0204
  12. gnathv

    Egt gage

    Does this help?
  13. gnathv

    97 7.3 to t444e swap

    How long have you ran the engine?
  14. gnathv

    97 7.3 to t444e swap

    Are you using the electronics for the 2001 motor or for your 1997. Is it black smoke?
  15. gnathv

    How bad... is this trans leak.

    That’s my thought.
  16. gnathv

    E40D slow TC lockup

    The new solenoid pack may fix your problem. I think the transmission fluid temp sensor is built into the pack.
  17. gnathv

    E40D slow TC lockup

    Your torque converter doesn’t lock until transmission fluid temperature reaches about 105 degrees.
  18. gnathv

    AC Experts, Weird Issue

    The low side was 40, that doesn’t correspond to overcharge or blocked condenser.
  19. gnathv

    AC Experts, Weird Issue

    At 340lbs, there’s a restriction
  20. gnathv

    AC Experts, Weird Issue

    If you were seeing 340 lbs it seems that your clutch is holding.
  21. gnathv

    Changing to a 4.10 rear axle from a newer model truck.

    You will need different rims for the rear. Though they are both 8 lug, the spacing is different.
  22. gnathv

    Bad turbo seals?

    i Had a CDR not sealing and it caused oil to over run the shaft seals and the downpipe was dripping oil. Fixed CDR seal and turbo seals stopped leaking.
  23. gnathv

    Fuel run away

    Is it off road diesel? It does look clear, I don’t see algae bloom in it.
  24. gnathv

    Injection pump ID ?

    I’ve read that the red tag is remanufactured by authorized shop. I think the 277R may indicate rebuilt. Send one of the pump guys on here that picture, I’m sure they could help. Found this in an old 2011 post DB2-5013 - 1992-1994 manual tranny DB2-5028 - 1992 -1994 auto tranny DB2-5069 - 1993...
  25. gnathv

    How to work on in-place engine...

    Have you ever tried scrubbing it with Dawn and rinsing with water. I spilled some on a friends concrete driveway and did that, it didn’t leave a stain.