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  1. u2slow

    2005+ coil spacing?

    Wondering if anyone has the measurement handy for across the coil buckets/towers center to center? I'm putting a 2007 diff in something else. Dunno if factory leans the coils inward or keeps them full vertical.
  2. u2slow

    7.3 IDI cores for sale - southwest BC Canada

    Don't know the history... a buddy bought an F250 (gas) with these two diesels in the bed with a plastic bedliner strapped over top. Engines do look somewhat weathered though. Oil pans and valve covers are a little beat up. One is an Oct/87 engine... can't decipher date on other valve cover, but...
  3. u2slow

    New rig

    I really didn't need it, but couldn't pass it up after I kicked the tires and took it for a spin :love: :sly Its a '93 intercooled, 5spd, not sure on the axle ratio, but I'm guessing 3.55. Base model... no bells or whistles. Just the way I like them ;Sweet
  4. u2slow

    Radiator options....

    My buddy has split his radiator at the tank seams again on his '90 IDI. :dunno Is this a common problem on the short/wide (20"x35") radiators? Its a $450 rad to replace. He has a spare 30"x30" rad, but his rad support is the shallow (gas) style one. Is the 'square' radiator more durable? Is...
  5. u2slow

    Used .84 or 1.0 housing - what to look for?

    I understand the 99+ trucks used the smaller .84 and 1.0 A/R turbo housings. Our OBS ones are 1.15. I'm going to be visiting some wrecking yards in the next few weeks. Hopefully they have some core turbos... exhaust housings seem to even survive an engine fire. heh. So what am I looking...
  6. u2slow

    Low oil pressure

    I'm plagued with low lube oil pressure on my '97 E350. Done a fair bit of diagnostics already. Minimal results. Oil pressure is currently 5psi at the hpop reservoir, and 10psi at the block with a new Melling pump. This is after letting it idle for 5-10 mins from being dead cold. I have...
  7. u2slow

    Battery cables

    Got tired of my gimped up battery terminals today. I was going to put new ends on the cables, but they were shot - brittle with corrosion and green dust. I had a scrap of #4/0 welding cable, and some extra terminals... here's how it ended up (sorry for poor camera-phone quality). ;Sweet EDIT...
  8. u2slow

    looking at a '90 CTD

    I've found a '90 D250 for sale that's looks like a good DD. Should be better on fuel, and quite a bit smaller than my crewcab or work van ;) Its a 5-speed, thankfully :D Starts and runs great. Basically stock. Its just a very well used work truck. Rusty on the fender lips. Box is pretty beat...
  9. u2slow

    DRW axle width

    Anyone know the axle width on the disc - brake Dana 80 dually? (across wheel mounting surfaces) Is it different for a pickup vs. a C&C or are they the same? Thanks
  10. u2slow

    F-Superduty axle width

    Does anyone know if there's enough space between the backing plates on the F-Superduty Dana 80 to fit it under an F250/F350? How about tire/wheel/spring clearance? (Obviously the perches need to be moved.)