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    Cracked head?

    This one came in the shop today with a coolant leak. It's a 1987 F250 with a 6.9. Coolant is running out between cylinders 3 and 5 between the intake and head. Nothing is leaking into the intake. I've never seen one of these leak in this area before. I'm assuming cracked head? I don't believe...
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    New turbo, no power

    I finally got my new turbo install finished today. It's a CDD GTX 3852 with intercooler, 110 pump and stage one injectors. I used a luminosity probe and set the timing as close as I could to 8 degrees at 2,000 rpm. It was all I could do with two prybars to get the pump advanced that far, it's...
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    Pyrometer probe depth

    I have an Autometer pyrometer and installed it today. My crossover pipe has a 1/4" NPT female bung welded into it and the probe bushing is 1/8" NPT male. If I put a reducer bushing between them this pushes the probe out of the pipe, leaving basically only the tip exposed inside. Is this going to...
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    IDIT core value

    What's a IDIT core engine worth? I found one on marketplace about 50 miles away, mostly complete minus the turbo, valve covers and flywheel. He says it had 200K miles but was running good when pulled. He's asking $350 for it but it's been listed for over three months so I'm sure he'd take $300...
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    Oil drain pedestal

    Trying to finish piecing together a turbo kit on a 7.3 IDI and I need the oil drain pedestal for the factory turbo.
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    Cracked valve guides

    I got my heads back from the machine shop. He replaced two exhaust guides and said the rest were still tight. I didn't notice until after I had them torqued down, but looking through the spring coils I can see both of the old guides cracked when the new ones were pressed or driven in. It looks...
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    Luk or South Bend?

    I have the engine out of my truck and I plan on installing a new clutch when it goes back together. I still have the DMF and want to do a solid flywheel conversion. It looks like I have two options, South Bend or Luk. I can get the Luk kit for about half the price of the South Bend. Is there any...
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    Brake cables

    I've noticed the left rear wheel on my 92 F250 has been getting hot lately along with the smell of hot brakes. Today I could feel it dragging while driving through a parking lot so I stopped and reached under the box and pushed in on both cables. The dragging feeling was gone after that and no...
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    Banks downpipe

    I'm looking at the Banks 21042 kit which does not include the downpipe or exhaust. The only downpipe I see listed from Banks is the 52103 which is meant to replace the factory IDI downpipe. Does anyone know if this will fit the Banks turbo or do you have to get the correct pipe directly from them?
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    What kind of coolant are you guys running in your trucks? In the past I've always used the plain green antifreeze mixed 50/50 with distilled water and added several quarts of SCA until the test strips showed I was in the safe range. I'm due for a coolant change so I'm looking at the precharged...
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    Hi everyone, I have a 1992 F250 4x4 with a NA 7.3 IDI. I've owned the truck for 18 years, bought it as-is with a cavitated engine. I had the block bored and sleeved on all eight cylinders and completely rebuilt it. Its been mostly my work truck that I use to haul things and pull trailers so I've...