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  1. Kizer

    Vacuum Pump

    My 5 day old NAPA vacuum pump: I found this company: Any of y'all used them? Thank you, Kizer
  2. Kizer

    Acorn lug nuts for dually

    I had a hard time finding these so I thought it might be valuable information for some. Simulators are not my favorite option. I'd like to find chrome steel wheels ... no luck yet.
  3. Kizer

    Conestoga Diesel (in PA) = Moose Diesel (in SC)?

    When I go to : , and use the contact button, it takes me here: Did I miss a lot? Kizer
  4. Kizer

    Cruise Control Cable Questions

    The cruise control cable went t/u on the IDIT (IP end disappeared). I seem to be getting conflicting info. on the correct part #. Some say w/ turbo, some n/a only and some sites have the same part number for the throttle cable & cruise cable?? All of them are discontinued but I'd like the part...
  5. Kizer

    TSB's ... where to pull from?

    Hello, Where are y'all pulling TSB's? I've found a few sites. None seem complete. Even the Ford site seems pretty worthless. They only list two "field service items" for the IDIT ... and I know that ain't right! Link: Another wants $20.00 / month to look at them! Link...
  6. Kizer

    Advice: Tire valve extensions /TPMS/ Pressure EqualizersDRW

    Hello, I've read horror stories about chinesium "pressure equalizers" and valve extensions ... I'm not clear about where to find a quality product. E-trailer has some $$ options ... but I know it's chinesium. Additionally, I'd like TPMS on the rears ... read the same type of stories and have...
  7. Kizer

    3G Alternator Question

    Hello All, My 2nd replacement alternator (in two months) is "pushing" 12.4V after start up. After I reach 3000 (or so) RPM it charges at 14.2V until I shut the engine down. Upon start up it's back to 12.4V ... etc. What causes this problem? I'd like to understand the issue before I go back to...
  8. Kizer

    Voltage Regulator Going TU? Quick reply/opinion please.

    Hello All, Regarding the '93 IDIT: The factory volt meter is "wagging" at idle unless I put a load (head lights for example) on the charge system. Seems alright at 1500+ RPM. I don't have a voltmeter handy (last time that happens) because I'm on the road. Do you think I should stop at the...
  9. Kizer

    Your Favorite ISSPRO Dealer / Distributor?

    I'm looking for Pyro parts. I have an EV that I need the "driver" for. So far I've called Diesel Manor and Orange Co. Diesel ... emailed ISSPRO ... no reply. Thank you in advance, Kizer
  10. Kizer

    Considering 19.5" wheel - I'd like to hear your experience

    Hello All, I'm building a budget / plan for changing my final drive ratio ('93 DRW IDIT CC ZF5) and I'd appreciate, greatly, input from our members with experience running the 19.5" wheel / tire. My concerns are: (More) rigid ride Balancing. Effects on braking I'm also curious as to the...
  11. Kizer

    Your recommendations for throwout bearing ZF5 IDIT

    I've purchased a couple of LUK SMF conversions and I'm about to order another one. The look/feel of the TOB in the kit reminds me of something out of a gumball machine / ******* Jack box. Have y'all had any issues with the TOB in the LUK kit? I haven't put many miles / hours on one yet. I...
  12. Kizer

    ZF, TOB or something else?

    Gentlemen, The latest addition to my remuda (no history but someone has pulled the tranny at least once) is "rattling" when I release the clutch ... only in reverse. I don't "feel" it in the pedal. I'm having trouble understanding what could make noise "only in reverse". Ideas? Thank you, Kizer
  13. Kizer

    NewB to OBS (IDIT) Questions: 1, or 2, of Many

    1: I'm experiencing what I believe to be "turbo surge". Symptom: When I come out of the throttle, at 2700+ rpm, the engine "surges" a couple of times before "evening out". I've had Bank's Gen 1 turbos, on 6.9 engines, and never experienced this. Question(s): What's going on (mechanically)...
  14. Kizer

    Experience with GV install anyone?

    Seriously considering GV for the '93 IDIT. I can't keep up (shake the idiot drivers) on the interstate ... constantly twisting 2800 - 3000 RPM, and tired of that. The question ... Has anyone had experience with the install process behind a ZF5? Do I have to get both drive shafts shortened? Thank...
  15. Kizer

    Am I the only one that has to tighten DP Clamp daily?

    Maybe daily is an exaggeration. I don't hear anyone else complaining about the down pipe clamp coming loose ALL THE DAMNED TIME ... This is my first factory turbo and the truck with which I've had this problem. What gives ... it's a real PITA. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
  16. Kizer

    Please school me on how to send PM

    I promise, I searched ... I don't get it. I've done it before ... can't seem to find the "button" now. Thank you, Kizer
  17. Kizer

    Several IDI's for sale - can deliver

    I'm moving soon. As a result I have to "thin the herd". I'll listen to reasonable offers if you think I'm off on the prices. I can deliver any of them. 1985 F250 6.9 4x4 T-19 Tan I bought the truck couple of years ago. I’ve never had it on the road. When I bought it, the PO had removed...
  18. Kizer

    2003 SuperCrew Lariat - about 176,000 - $3500 - can deliver for fee

    I need to shed some iron. Most of the trucks in my signature are going up for sale. First is my only gasser. I really like the truck but it needs to go. The Good: *Clear Blue Title in my name *Runs and Drives Perfectly- dealer maintained since 2003 - all records available **All factory...
  19. Kizer

    Another FSV Question ... I know. I feel stupid for asking

    The '93 IDIT, that I scored a couple of weeks ago, started "surging" at 1/8" tank yesterday (no big surprise). I switched to the front tank ... drove about 20 miles with no issue. 3hrs later, started the truck and drove about 7 miles before surging began again. The truck died and I couldn't...
  20. Kizer

    OBS Glow Plug Light

    Hey Y'all, My '93 IDIT is my first OBS truck ... not familiar with the GPC differences yet. Is the "Wait to Start" light supposed to cycle (like the Bullnose trucks)? Mine isn't ... has symptoms of failed GP or GPC. Thank you, Kizer
  21. Kizer

    T-19 hard to shift when WARM?

    I used the search found "T19 Overheating?" thread but it didn't help me very much. If it shifts fine when cold but wants to stay in gear, or out of gear, when warm (normal operating temp)... is that a bad TOB? I'm having trouble understanding what's failed. Thanks y'all. Kizer
  22. Kizer

    Hard brake pedal / intermittent brake light after booster & MC replacement

    Mornin'. A couple of days ago I replaced the brake booster and MC (purchased as a unit from NAPA) and I haven't been able to cure a hard brake pedal. My vacuum pump makes & holds 22" (per Mightyvac). In addition I get an intermittent flash of the BRAKE light while driving. It feels like...
  23. Kizer

    Ouch! 2 bills to test my IP

    I just got charged $200 for an IP test! The shop has been around for ever, I used them for labor when I was a nube. Anyway, he swears "up and down" that he told me the price. It's hard to believe that he's lying ... also hard to believe I didn't hear him. Of course he waives the test fee if...
  24. Kizer

    Look what I found!

    '84 F250 4x4, 6.9, T19. I drove 350 miles, + or -, for it, but it was sooo cheap. It runs but the PO replaced the intake gasket...removed the pump and now the timing is runs like a 1 legged rooster but the A/C blows cold. I think I'm a truck hoarder...
  25. Kizer

    E69Z-7526A Clutch pedal bushing. Source?

    I found OEM for about $8. Which is what you pay at NAPA for a box of china garbage. Any members have them setting around? Thank you, Kizer