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  1. papadiesel

    Deal alert on 3g alternators reman

    here is the ebay # for reman 3g alternators if you are wanting to do the upgrade. I have ordered many parts through this Texas seller and highly recommend. 59 bucks !! I have gotten this before ebay number 184640589885
  2. papadiesel

    will bad tps affect tac?

    1989 F250 7.3 4x4 E4OD trans in limp mode, tac quit, glowing OD light, does not shift correctly, can a bad TPS affect the tac? Tac has always worked. Went to start in 9 degree, warmed up, went out to drive, trans in limp mode, have to start in second manually to get going then 3rd works. Had to...
  3. papadiesel

    will LEDs work in 1989 stock headlight

    will LED's work ok in stock headlight housings, 1989 F250 7.3, thanks
  4. papadiesel

    help, 89 7.3 E40D limp mode, OD light glows no tac

    Not cool!!, my truck plugged in during work in single digits, truck started fine, warmed up for 15 minutes, unplugged block heater found no tac, od light dim glowing and trans seeming like it wanted to start out in OD. Transmission has been rebuilt 25,000 ago, by reputable local builder who has...
  5. papadiesel

    re: vac control motor that runs def/floor select

    Hey guys, Many posts on this issue, usually the firewall vac motor for ac/ heat control. I need to know what the vac control motor is just up behind the control head ( inside firewall ) and if that is the one controlling floor defrost. 1989 Ford f250 7.3with factory AC. Vac is good throughout...
  6. papadiesel

    core support difference AC vs NONAC

    More core supports are becoming available, but none with AC option. Can anyone tell me the difference between the supports, can I fabricate the difference? thanks 1989 F250 7.3 IDI EOD auto with factory air.
  7. papadiesel

    Needed mid tank filler tube for 89

    Anybody got an F2 50 mid tank filler tube for 19 gallon tank the vent tube is gone in mine and yes I know about all of the adaptations don’t have time or resources to do that presently, Thank you ahead of time
  8. papadiesel

    Helpful stuck without a band wrench trick

    Well.... went to a place to change filters, bypass lines, etc. Have a fancy band filter wrench for my fuel filter, but left in storage. Could buy a new one, but stuck where I am at! Brainstorm.... would and old bunge (black flat rubber) the kind you find on the road because they dont work...
  9. papadiesel

    7.3 IDI glow plug harness

    I have seen several people making a plug harnesses for early 7.3 nonturbo I have seen yet some use the 6.0 connectors, I have used the after market bullet style connectors and they never quite stay on does anybody make a harness in which the connector stay on better
  10. papadiesel

    mid 90 windshield trim

    Needing missing windshield trim parts 92-96 preferred, Anybody got some straight clean pieces
  11. papadiesel

    need mid 90s windshield trim

    Anyone have 89 to 96 windshield molding I am missing some pieces
  12. papadiesel

    zinc additive in newer Delo 400 need?

    Can not find Delo 400 LE anymore, the new one has a lower zinc content. Anyone using a zinc additive? With 142,000 original, my 29 year old baby has only had Delo 400 LE and uses little to no oil between changes, (not lying:Thumbs Up). Yup, a little intense in the take care of category...
  13. papadiesel

    early 7.3 pos battery cable and 1G to 3G upgrade!!

    Well, after the debate of 116 vs 123 inch cable, getting the 123 because longer is better than shorter, the non turbo 7.3 had the 116, but the 123 fits mucho better!! Also did the 100amp 1G to the 160 amp 3g, removing excess wiring ( little more than you see on all sites dealing cause of factory...
  14. papadiesel

    any tool renters that will ship?

    Searched the registry, no one near me in the Des Moines, IA area. Need to time my 89 7.3. Any one with a pulse style adaptor willing to rent and I pay shipping both ways? Thanks!
  15. papadiesel

    116 in vs 123 in positive battery cables

    My truck is an 89 F250 7.3. Can someone tell me the difference between these cable options as sites list both lengths (116" and 123")for my truck depending on the site. And don't tell me 6";)
  16. papadiesel

    After welding gauge and cruise woes 89 7.3 auto

    Not been a forum guy, except reading. Been familiar with these trucks for as long as they have been out. I now have an 89 F250 7.3 non turbo, 4x4, auto trans, 4.10's, under full resto. Been through most of the truck. Prior to welding, fuel gauges and CC worked consistent and fine. After...

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