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  1. Thewespaul

    Failed 26 year old original db2, what’s inside? What goes wrong?

    Tearing down some cores today and found I had a factory sealed db2831-5028 in my pile. This is a non turbo calibration for 92.5-94.5 7.3 idis with a torque screw housing. When these pumps fail, it typically starts out as driveability issues, non functioning advance, poor idle, smoking exhaust...
  2. Thewespaul

    Project WA5MOE 91 F250 4x4 IDIT Build

    Overdo to get this build thread going, this is a project we got from @Mike Linger and @aggiediesel01 earlier this year for an engine build and some upgrades. The truck is a 91 F250 4x4, originally with a na 7.3, 5 speed and D50 front, Mike and Steven earlier this year had the truck repainted and...
  3. Thewespaul

    CDD Shipping Department Closed Sept 19th-Oct 31st

    Hey Oilburners! Wanted to let everyone know that there will be a period between Sept 19th-Oct 31st that I will not be shipping parts out from the online store, not for some time off, but to allow me to knock out some projects in the shop and train up an employee to help me with parts prep and...
  4. Thewespaul

    CDD Core Buyback Program and Website Update

    Hey Oilburners! In an attempt to streamline core buying and to make things a bit easier for me to keep track of everything, I've set up a semi-automated core program on the website for yall to send in your old parts and exchange them for store credit. Right now I'm really hurting on db2 cores...
  5. Thewespaul

    Needing more 088 turbo cores

    If anyone has 088 turbos they would like to sell, I’m buying.
  6. Thewespaul

    CDD IDIT/093 Wastegate Delete Flanges

    Hey Oilburners hope everyone is doing well during these strange times. I wanted to share a new product I have been working on for quite some time, flanges to delete the wastegate ports and to replace the bulky cast outlet flanges. These flanges are cut with a cnc plasma table out of 3/8”...
  7. Thewespaul

    Texas IDI Roundup Cancelled

    For an abundance of caution and following the state safety guidelines I’ve decided to cancel this years Spring IDI Roundup, we will look forward to seeing everyone this Fall!
  8. Thewespaul

    6.9 vs 7.3 Head Gaskets and Boost

    Some of you who are following along project big blue will already know that we had an odd head gasket failure at around 25 psi. Hg failures above 15 psi on a 7.3 a fairly common, however this engine was recently studded and retorqued to 130 ft lbs at various temperatures to ensure the gaskets...
  9. Thewespaul

    A day on the dyno

    This thursday we ran one of my local customer's trucks on the dyno while it still had the stock fuel system. I had previously replaced the hypermax turbo with a box S257 SXE (T4 .91 AR divided housing) and supplied parts for him to build an intercooler kit using the same intercooler and intake...
  10. Thewespaul

    E40D Compatibility

    Hey Oilburners, we need a trans stat to drop in project big blue to replace the box full of neutrals. I have a line on a rebuilt E40D from a 2wd 91 f250 with a 7.3 IDI, as far as I am aware this will work for our 94 f250 idit 2wd, but cannot remember if there was a solenoid pack change in 92 or...
  11. Thewespaul

    CDD 38 Gallon/Single Tank Conversion Kits

    Hey Oilburners! Wanted to let everyone know that I am now taking orders for the 38 gallon tank kits, I've worked out designs for 5 different sending units for the fuel gauge to be dead on accurate with the deeper tanks, so no wiring is required for the install, except for those who want the kit...
  12. Thewespaul

    Preorder Opportunity for CDD Intercooler Kits and 3" Downpipe Kits

    Hey Oilburners! Today I am happy to announce that CDD is now taking preorders for the first group buy of intercooler kits and downpipe kits. The intercooler kits will use 2.5" thick wall polished aluminum piping, tig welded for the least possible boot connections and tested to 140 psi. The...
  13. Thewespaul

    Project Big Blue

    This beautiful 1994 F250 idit came down from Arizona for some upgrades, tomorrow it will be going on the dyno for a baseline run before I pull the engine. It’s a factory turbo truck with a 2wd E40D, very much stock other than a straight pipe welded in place of the muffler, so it will be...
  14. Thewespaul

    Big Savings on IDI Parts this Week!

    Hey Oilburners! Wanted to let everyone know that today through friday all products on the website are 10% off using the discount code "Classic" I was ordering some parts online for some projects here and found that summit was having a lot of common IDI parts on...
  15. Thewespaul

    Texas IDI Roundup- Dyno day and Show & Shine

    For those not following the Classic Diesel Designs facebook page, I recently announced there that we will be hosting an IDI get together on November 16th. We've got some sweet looking trucks and some pretty big power IDIs coming out to lay down some numbers on the dyno. I will be running the...
  16. Thewespaul

    Project Le Blanc

    Started on this truck for @D_Fresh361 a few weeks ago and since the job has snowballed into putting together a pretty sweet ride, figured I would share another IDI build. The truck came in with no working electrical, with many years of poor wiring leading to a lot a messy burnt wiring under the...
  17. Thewespaul

    Turbo Kits from Classic Diesel Designs

    Greetings Oilburners! Today I am very happy to announce some more new products from Classic Diesel Designs, in the past I have offered a service to restore customer's turbo kits while pulling their engines in the shop for studs, reseals or other upgrades, with very good results. Its no secret...
  18. Thewespaul

    PSA on CDD Phone Line

    Wanted to let everyone know that today and for a possibly a few more days I will be unable to answer the phone line at the shop. I had some preexisting lung damage flare up yesterday, and I am being treated for exogenous lipoid pneumonia, I will do my best to stay on top of orders but I won’t be...
  19. Thewespaul

    Classic Diesel Designs' Website is Live! If you click on catalog, it will take you to the full product list. Still working on getting more products added and making everything presentable. Big thank you to Scott aka @snicklas for really helping me get the site setup and handling the heavy lifting on...
  20. Thewespaul

    Another Interesting IDIT Failure

    Pulled this locked up idit from a customers truck for a cdd replacement, this was an unknown condition cL engine that was really clean under the valve covers and ran great. It locked up going down the highway without warning, no gauges though. I pressure tested the cooling system and was...
  21. Thewespaul

    New Products from Classic Diesel Designs July 2019- The Ultimate IDI Turbo and Intake Manifolds

    Howdy Oilburners! Today I am proud to announce some new products from Classic Diesel Designs, the ultimate factory/093 turbo option, and our own v-banded intake manifold: This turbo is the best possible combination of parts to upgrade the anemic factory T04B H3 turbo into a modern firebreather...
  22. Thewespaul

    Bullnose diesel Cluster with factory tach

    $250 shipped. Everything works as tested by San Antonio automotive Electronics
  23. Thewespaul

    Cleaning out some spare IDI parts

    Trying to make some more room in the shop to bring in some test stands in and to get the race truck build rolling OBS 7.3 psd 3" downpipe $75 IDIT CDR valve cover with some good paint $50 IDIT GPR mount valve cover needs repainting $35 94 IDIT accessory bracket with the better closed...
  24. Thewespaul

    The Classic Diesel Designs' Race Truck

    A few weeks back I purchased this factory diesel 1983 f250, with a 1988 7.3 na swapped in with a the factory t19. I cleaned up the cherry apple paint And pulled out the driveline as a builder to be used in the shop truck I picked up a diesel C6 for use in this truck, I had a thread...
  25. Thewespaul

    Race Truck Options

    Well I’d like to hear y’all thoughts on where to go with the race truck, I would be happy with either way it could go. I could keep the truck street legal with a full cooling system, but it would be a lot more weight to race with and would be more cost that could be going towards performance...

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