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  1. Broken_Season

    Engine sound difference

    I would like some help figuring out what could possibly cause a sound difference/power difference on my 84 6.9 t19. This morning bringing the truck to work (first/second real trip since I got the truck) truck drives excellent, but I noticed going down the highway the motor is some what quite...
  2. Broken_Season

    Power steering

    Ive got a 84 6.9 4x4. Truck sat for 6-7 years. installed a new power steering belt and the fired the truck up. The steering automatically shoots left or right on its own with out touching the wheel. Im thinking the box is bad and not the pump.
  3. Broken_Season

    86 Isuzu Trooper II Turbo Diesel!

    Got my self a new vehicle after I moved to Colorado. 1986 Isuzu Trooper II 4x4 with a 2.2L C223 Turbo Diesel with a 5 Speed! This thing is pretty sweet, Had to replace a section of wire that caught fire grounding out on the block, After that it runs perfect! In the morning ill find out if the...
  4. Broken_Season

    Perfect Stereo for my 88 Bricknose!

    So Ive decided to put my CB Radio into the Radio slot. Best fit and best place for it. Next I was trying to figure out simple stereo for the truck. In my 84 Vanagon I installed a Simple Bluetooth system that uses a very small foot print. So I found on Amazon a Marine Boos unit that after...
  5. Broken_Season

    Pulsating lights help

    I noticed on the new 88 F350, that the lights pulsate while the engine is running. Pulsing gets faster as throttle is applied, but at RPM cruising no pulsing I can see. Ive cleaned the grounds, My guess is the alternator is bad.
  6. Broken_Season

    Seat covers for this type of Bench?

    Looking for a set cover for this bench. Anyone know were I can get one?
  7. Broken_Season

    Power loss

    Hi all, Posting for my grandfather, He has a 2007 2500 Duramax, and is having power loss issues at random times while towing, Every 2500 miles or so, The latest times power is lost after cresting a long pull up a hill and coming down the back side. Truck enters a limp mode with out throwing...
  8. Broken_Season

    1992 Vacuum diagram

    Looking for a vacuum diagram for my 92 1st gen. Some of the hoses are missing im not sure were they all need t go (Might help my brakes too). Ive combed the inter-webs and haven't found much so far, just a few random photos. If anyone could post up a couple photos of were everything needs to...
  9. Broken_Season

    12v NV4500 swap time!

    Well it is almost time to swap my 1992 D350 12v from a A518 Slush box to Nv4500! So far the parts ive got are: 2WD Nv4500 HD from a 2003 24V 2nd gen bellhousing Came with earlier rear housing with speedometer hole! Clutch Pedal Set (in the truck now) 2nd gen block adapter 2nd gen starter (...
  10. Broken_Season

    ISO NV4500 2WD

    Hello all, Looking for an NV4500 2wd for my 92 Cummins. I'm located SF Bay Area.
  11. Broken_Season

    WTB HX35/HX35W 1992 12V

    Look for a HX35 or HX35w for my 1992 D350 12V.
  12. Broken_Season

    D-350 Auto to Manual Conversion help

    Looking to do a swap from my Auto trans to a Manual NV4500. I am in need of a lot of parts. Anything will help! Photos and other forums would be a big help. (please feel free to correct me and add or remove parts) Parts needed: NV4500 Trans Brackets Adapter Bell Housing Clutch Kit...
  13. Broken_Season

    My New First Gen!

    Hello Diesel World! I just bought me a 92' D350 Cummins. Runs like a champ. Unfortunately it is an Automatic. But I hope to soon be able to swap it with a 5 or 6 speed. There is a lot that it will need but I am happy to have a new truck!
  14. Broken_Season

    New year new Volkswagen!

    Hello all! Bought me a new Volkswagen for the new year! 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit pickup (AKA Caddy) She was swapped with a 1.9 Turbo Diesel. Wish every one a good year with their Diesels!