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  1. no mufflers

    Truck part prices

    There is a guy local to me parting out a 96 f350 CCLB full power interior. I'm looking to buy the whole cab, it has doors, dash and full interior all together and supposedly no rust. Can anyone give me an idea of a realistic value? I thought $800. He won't tell me a price but it's looking like...
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    rally t shirts

    @Danielle has offered to make some oilburners shirts. the plan is, whoever wants a rally shirt can bring a shirt that they want the logo on and Danielle will print it on. she has an assortment of colors so any shirt should be fine, can be new or one you already wear. all i need is for people...
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    2020 Oilburners rally

    this is just a reminder and coverage post for some that might not know. link for the event page
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    2020 Oilburners New Hampshire rally

    oilburners return to New England! this years rally will be hosted in Woodstock new Hampshire at the Lincoln/Woodstock KOA. dates are July 11th to July 19th. you can call either number on the website, it directs to her cell phone so please leave a...
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    2020 rally dates

    been looking at some dates and want to pick something that works with everyone. i believe some prefer to wait for most of the July 4th crowd to thin out? if so the 11th to 19th would be the best dates. just not to sure if thats to late in the month for some. i could do a week earlier but then...
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    anyone on here very knowledgeable on the 44 pump? on my second one now with somewhat similar problems. the reman one that came with the truck started to get a dead pedal real bad and threw the 216 code. just bought a NEW blue chip pump and was good for couple hundred miles then started the dead...
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    ford 7.8 and allison md3060

    looking for input on anything to mate a 7.8 to a 3060. i found a knowledgeable guy at an allison dealer and has looked around but but cant find any adapters for that series trans. i could possibly have something machined but figured id ask around first. i can only guess at hp and torque numbers...
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    flat bed claims another victim

    i skip out to grab a sandwich, get back to my shop and a customer is dropping a car off. gives me the keys, i walk to my dodge to get my sandwich, walk in my shop and hear a loud crunch and look back to see the mudflaps on my ford swinging... i think y'all know the rest.. the 4'' c-channel and...
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    88 ford 7.8

    anyone have knowledge on this engine? good or bad? what pump it runs.
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    blown HG?

    for some that know i have a coolant system from a PSD in my truck. lately i have been having a problem with the degas bottle over flowing and its completely erratic on its level. got some pictures for yall to look at. bottle was at its normal level when i left and i took a couple mile trip on...
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    fuel pump

    has any one used or thought of using one on an IDI? i have one on my cummins and works well, has a regulator on it. im having troubles with my machinical lift pump and i could turn this down to 8 or so psi and it should work fine...
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    boost related ticking?

    so i hauled another load to the scrap yard yesterday with total towing weight of 10,000 lbs. right around 2k rpm at like 10 psi of boost i get a very violent fast ticking noise. if i get the revs up with same or more boost its not nearly as bad but still audible. almost sounds like pre...
  13. no mufflers

    sanford and son

    bringing this to the scrap yard.... any guesses on weight and max boost?
  14. no mufflers

    bad PCM?

    on my 98 i just finished doing some work on it and did some wire harness cleanup. so the problem i am having is the trans wont shift on its own. everything worked fine before i did all this work. i have a cs2 in the truck and in any gear it says 1st and if you try to drive it it says its...
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    24v fuel upgrades

    i will finally be getting to the HG job on the cummins and figured maybe add in some new fuel parts. pretty much looking for some guidance or recommendations on the good or bad. this is my work/plow truck so im not looking to go crazy with. i plan on getting a new edge tuner and a little...
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    95 PSD

    hi all!! i have a friends truck that has a random rough running issue, so far only once. he stated he drove the truck, parked it for a few minutes and when he went to restart it on fire up he herd a loud pop and the truck started and ran but wouldn't idle and had a bad miss. he drove it home and...
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    project: Lucille

    so kinda my last minute name. figured i would give it a name so i can keep updating as i go along. below i have the link for my other threads. first thread second thread...
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    19.5 wheel

    i have been thinking of getting a set of 19.5 for the back of my truck. looks like i need to buy two fronts and two rears to make it work. just looking for some advise if i need longer lug studs or whatever else. any tire brand good? i think a 245/70r19.5 is the size i am looking for...
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    timing aids

    i think this would mostly be for those in the rust area but could be helpful for all. i wanted to check the timing on a 7.3 i have at the shop and i noticed the hole for the probe was very rusty. after some thinking i came up with something that worked very well for me. here are the basic...
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    opinions on cab lights

    i have been thinking of getting a new set of cab lights. what i am not sure about is what style to get, so i would like y'alls thoughts on them. i have been looking at the clear lights with a black base and use either a white or amber bulb, or i can get the amber lens style and paint the base...
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    2018 Rally Route/Convoy Thread

    I have been nominated/volunteered to start the convoy for this years IDI rally. my location starting point is Rhode Island. i picked a close location to where i will be starting from. below is the link for the route i will be taking. i will be leaving Sunday the 8th some time in the morning...
  22. no mufflers

    oil pressure gauge wire

    so i am putting in an actual oil pressure gauge and wanted to use the factory wire instead of running a new one. i was going to cut the wire that goes up to the dash and run it to the new gauge. what im not sure about is if the wire goes from the sender right through the cab or if it goes into...
  23. no mufflers

    head gasket time..

    on my current truck (1998 dodge cummins 24v) I have noticed a coolant leak starting right below the t-stat housing. I know its the head gasket, ill get a picture latter. my questions are, what would be the best gasket to use? should I go with head bolts or studs? is there anything else I should...
  24. no mufflers

    Moose boost action!!!!

    Got a dusting of snow last night but just enough for some donuts. First video for y'all to see my 22' land yacht ripping it up.LOL
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    edge comp programmer

    the truck I recently got has this in it, well I was going through some wiring and found a very small wire broken. not sure if anyone is familiar with these but I talked to edge and they just want to sell me a new one. the problem is that the wires go into a resistor looking thing and it broke...