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  1. trythis

    1995 F super duty automatic 2 wheel drive 7.5 engine obd 1

    Now what this truck is doing we started out cold engine it runs pretty good you get up around 1500 RPM and you’ll start noticing a miss it’ll run like that for 10 or 20 miles. It’s warmed up pretty good at 5 miles. Now you’re getting that miss but it is tolerable. Then it starts getting much...
  2. trythis

    I pulled the old 86 out of the weeds

    Yes it really is a pretty good old truck 1986 with a 7.3 Idi F350 the best thing about this truck is it's a Crew Cab, and has very little rust. I rebuilt the 7.3 in about 2007. And I pulled the C6 and put a T18 in it the T18 went bad and that's why I parked it. It has been sitting since about...
  3. trythis

    no fuel where to start looking?

    The big tool truck is down and the crew is waiting on tools help please. I am at the shop so I hope you see this as an emergency. really need to get the job asap. where do I start looking ? the fuel filter is black and I will change asap but I dont thin that would keep it from starting. I'll...
  4. trythis

    95 F 450 super duty automatic shifting up to soon.

    Hello fellow oil burners hoping all is well. I am having problems with my f super duty it's a 1996 450 it's a flatbed dump automatic 460 gasser. I've had the truck for several years. I let the tranny get dirty, when I changed the fluid and filter it was still shifting irregular and I changed the...
  5. trythis

    Gauges Anybody using these gauges from riff Raff Sent from my moto g(7) optimo maxx(XT1955DL) using Tapatalk
  6. trythis

    Where did you locate your aftermarket gauges in your obs powerstroke

    Looking into installing some aftermarket gauges. first thing I want to figure out is where to put them , I like the console on the left side by the window not sure where to find that. Just looking for any ideas pictures be cool Sent from my moto g(7) optimo maxx(XT1955DL) using Tapatalk
  7. trythis

    7.3 powerstroke oil leak

    Found a puddle of oil under the passenger side dripping off the bellhousing seems to be coming from under turbo pouring concrete this morning so I can't take the turbo off hoping I can keep driving till this weekend leeks pretty bad while it's running though. I have no idea how this turbo works...
  8. trythis

    Cold start no glow plugs

    Like I said not too bad for a truck that gets a hundred miles to the gallon oil consumption. Sent from my moto g(7) optimo maxx(XT1955DL) using Tapatalk
  9. trythis

    Broken crank

    I bought this 95 powerstroke for parts because it's got a broken crank otherwise it's a nice looking truck 300000 mi automatic transmission never even got to talk to the owner just wondering why the crank broke at 300,000 miles Sent from my moto g(7) optimo maxx(XT1955DL) using Tapatalk
  10. trythis

    No Power

    I bought this f superduty (450) for parts, but when I get to looking at it. Well I just cant without trying to fix it. the problem is little throttle slow buildup to 2000 rpm max. I got it with no history but it looks like been sitting for a while, months? any thoughts would help. There is...
  11. trythis

    1996 f-450 overheat 460 engine

    Having trouble with this thing overheating change the water pump change the radiator all looks good . I also scoped the cylinder walls could see carbon on the top of each cylinder all cylinders look the same all cylinders have 120 PSI compression test I've got no idea where to go from here. Do...