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Apr 21, 2018
Jan 15, 2006
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Supporting Member, from Hot Springs ,Arkansas

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Apr 21, 2018
    1. HotFootHank
      Hey Rob.
      I think this is how to pm you...
      I'm Interested In how you got a cooler to work on the zf5.
      I'm not a troll. just a guy who like to tow.
      I hope all is well with you.
    2. braboy
      ok let me see what i can do still have parts to get. iwill let you know thanks
    3. RLDSL
      Well, that sucks, and is not too bad at the same time. Belts shouldn't cause that, unless the bearing is shot The thing has a sealed ball bearing in the nose cone. Only way belt tension is going to effect an elipse on the seal is if the bearing is worn to the point where the shaft is allowed to wobble and the only way to stop the wobbling is to run the belts loose in which case, the pump is hammered. I used to hear guys try to blame things on v belts being overtightened all the time,but have you ever noticed how stinking tight those automatic tensioners make those serpentine belts? They put WAYYYY more tension on the friggen things than anyone could ever put on a v belt. I have belt tension gauges that I used on the little European cars and the specs would surprise you. There is zero slop in those puppies, yet for some reason the wasserpumps always seem to make it to the scheduled 1ook miles change point without failing ( They get changed every other timing belt as a standard precaution , I've only actually seen one fail on a Volvo and that's because it was a Napa pump)
      I'm ready to go crazy here . Hopefully be pulling out end of this week. finishing up helping my Mother around the house. Had to install a couple of motion sensor lights outside, still have to get another to pop on, change some fixtures so she could change the bulbs inside, replace prehistoric smoke dectectors that were well past their 10 year life expectancy. Went through her garage, she'd been hoarding boxes, I went through there with Wolf and we cleaned that mess ( well half of it ) and hauled, get this, a half ton of cardboard to the recycle place!
      Went to a *farmers Market* today and these maniacs were wanting close to 7 bucks a dozen for eggs just because the chickens were "free range" Heck back home you can stop off an any back road and get eggs from a bunch of yard birds for grocery store prices or less.
      I even decided to skip out on taking Wolf out on a fishing boat. THe damn things aren't $18 a 3/4 day anymore, try more like $65 for 3/4 day boat per person, plus pole rental, about $15 ea, plus another $13 ea day license Don't even get me going on the tax and port fees. All together we'd be looking at well over 200 bucks just to go fishing. Back home we could go to Gander Mt and rent a nice size boat for 24 hours and take it anywhere in the state and take the whole family out for $150
      Everything is nuts out here.
      I can't wait to get out of here.
    4. RLDSL
      . Hi Rob,
      Went to the Saugus Swap meet yesterday and got a bunch of goodies. Picked up a craftsman pressure regulator for my compressor for 8 bucks, and a new $80 radio controlled airplane for 15 bucks for the kids and a stack of tools and other neat goodies. Came back hammered.
      Found my favourite pizza place isn't here anymore ( Josephena's on Ventura ) but went to Chi Chi's and that's some pretty darn good stuff there. Got to hit all the things I can't get elsewhere. Hopefully I won't go insane before I leave here. Got a bunch of door and window locks fixed up here where I feel a lot better about them( she didn't even have a latch on her back bathroom window, she said, oh nobody will try to get in there... shoot, that's the first place they would go and I made the rear sliding door with no key on the outside so it can't be picked so someone would have to smash it and with all the people living around there, I doubt someone would try that) On to other things
      Im ready to get out of here. Kid's are sure enjoying grandma time though and she's 82
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    Cool 1988 F-250 supercab,444cu in 7.3ltr engine,ZF 5-speed,13"sachs clutch,Hypermax pulse turbo,cowl induction,debug unit(blows up algea in fuel),3''exhaust,US gear exhaust brake,1"lift,Centramatics,code 39 rearend,dual Facet Duralift electric lift pumps,Cody 5th wheel goose neck trailer hitch,,Galaxie 11 meter radio,plenty of gauges;Sweet